Robin Sharma - Extreme Achievement Formula

Robin Sharma – Extreme Achievement Formula


– Component #1: The EAF Video Curriculum

You’ll get 24/7/365 access to the 6 module video curriculum for the lifetime of the online membership site.
These 6 modules are based on the same live workshop my clients pay $50,000+ for.
With your membership in Extreme Achievement Formula, you’ll receive personal access to this ultra-exclusive workshop that will walk you through how to rewire your mindset, boost motivation, double productivity, strengthen discipline, develop stamina, grow your influence and accelerate your overall-performance.

Video Module #1: Going From Ordinary Performer To Extreme Achiever

Every day we are in a war against distraction and many of us spend our best hours being busy being busy. In this tactical session, I share how developing a monomaniacal focus on just a few important things can help kickstart amazing growth in your professional and personal life. I also share the importance of leaving the herd and creating your own luck to achieve the goals others dream of.

Video Module #2: Rising To Rare Air Results

Leadership is simple, but it’s not easy. It requires change; and change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. In this session I ask, what will you do to become legendary in your work? To make history with your life? And remind us all to maintain the apprentice mindset and focus on flawless execution to safely navigate the pitfalls of success.

Video Module #3: Extreme Achievement Through Leading Without A Title

This session explores what it means to be a leader. I share a powerful story that demonstrates how small contributions over time are the essence of mastery and how each of us can show leadership and greatness, whatever our title may be.

Video Module #4: Shifting From Being Busy To Achieving Elite Productivity

Many of us have been seduced by the hypnosis of genius, but the truth is that every expert was once a beginner. In this session I share the rituals used by elite performers to minimize distractions, clean out the energy vampires and maintain the bubble of pristine focus that will get them closer to their mountaintop.

Video Module #5: The Pursuit Of Mastery In All You Do

In this insightful session, I explore the science behind achievement and share the simple changes we can all make and tactics we can all utilize to boost our passion, energy and focus.

Video Module #6: Unleashing Your Inner Extreme Achiever

This final session will bring the Extreme Achievement Formula together. I share the importance of staying with our vision, even if the world tries to take us off track. I also remind us all that, ultimately, life is short and none of us should lose sight of what truly matters as we tread the pathway to success.

– Component #2: The EAF Audio Curriculum

To stack even more value into Extreme Achievement Formula, I’ve added 10 of my bestselling audio learning programs into the course.
Audio Module #1: How to Be Remarkably Successful

In How To Be Remarkably Successful, I share with you a proven process for success. This isn’t a system based on theory. It’s been tested in the laboratory of life.
The process has worked for hundreds-of-thousands of people who’ve attended my presentations and leadership seminars. It has worked for billionaires, CEO’s and professional sports stars. Entertainers, remarkable entrepreneurs and people from every station of life. They all have been able to move their lives forward with the practical techniques that I’ll share with you.

Audio Module #2: 6 Simple Steps to Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is more than just getting better at your to-do lists. It’s a mindset. A way of looking at your life. Of seeing the big picture first. Then, from that higher point of awareness, you’re able to make the game-changing decisions that you need to make in order to play at your absolute best.
In this program I’ll share some of the most powerful ideas I’ve discovered on arriving at Work-Life balance. Insights and tactics that will lift your professional and personal life to a world-class level.

Audio Module #3: Manage Your Time, Master Your Life

Time management does lead to life mastery. Every day of your life can be a platform to bring you closer to your goals.
Manage Your Time, Master Your Life is a powerful course in managing your most valuable resource – time.

Audio Module #4: The Cure for Fear

We live in uncertain times. People are scared. There are layoffs and changes at work, downswings in the economy, housing and even stock market crashes to cope with. At home we’re worried too. The news on tv is filled with shocking headlines that lead us to believe that fear is running rampant all over the world.
You deserve to feel happy and secure again. You CAN take control of your life. There IS a proven method to manage your fears to be victorious over them.
The Cure For Fear is a complete system to help you transcend fear so you can live your best life.

Audio Module #5: A Simple Formula for Extraordinary Relationships

The true superstars in business and in life know that success comes down to relationships. Learn my revolutionary process for deeper, more meaningful human connections. This proven system will generate extraordinary results in your life.

Audio Module #6: How to Craft a World-Class Life

In How To Craft A World Class Life I’ll walk you through my system for total life success.
Listening to How to Craft a World-Class Life is just like being in a one-on-one session with me. Invest in yourself and get the coaching that will take your career, finances, health and relationships to the next level.

Audio Module #7: Shine in the World

In this revolutionary 6 Part learning system and workbook, I’ll share a powerful system that has inspired and helped thousands of people to create lives rich with fulfillment, passion, purpose and deep inner peace.
Shine In the World is an integrated system for personal mastery. You’ll achieve quantum results in the way you think and feel while attaining the personal and professional success you deserve.

Audio Module #8: Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 1

Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 1 is a cutting-edge guided meditation program I crafted. You’ll discover methods to slow your mind, have amazing focus and clarity and operate at the highest level possible. Not only professionally but personally as well.

Audio Module #9: Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 2

In Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 2 I share three new visualizations that will allow you to experience high-performance days filled with confidence and enthusiasm, help you achieve greater levels of happiness and joy, and guide you through creating your ideal day.

Audio Module #10: The Energy Explosion

In The Energy Explosion I’ve distilled everything that I’ve discovered about how to have more energy into an easy to follow 14 day system. The amount of energy you will bring to your days will astonish you. You will learn: my personal tactics to stay energized, practical tools to boost confidence, happiness and vitality, and big ideas to get your productivity and effectiveness soaring.


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