Ron Ipach – Elite and Coaching Calls – December 2009 Auto Repair Marketing

Ron Ipach – Elite and Coaching Calls – December 2009 Auto Repair Marketing

Simple, right? Yes it is!

I’ve always said that the marketing is the easy part. It’s already been created, tested, fine-tuned, and proven by fellow shop owners all over the world. There is plenty of it ready for you to use. And best of all, you probably already have it sitting on your shelves if you invested in my system, or it’s in your notes that you’ve taken while at one of the 43 seminars that I’ve done all over the country over the past few years. And, even better, that huge pile of great stuff is being constantly added to and updated by my coaching members and they’re willing to share the new stuff with you if you’re a coaching member too!

If you’ve never invested in my marketing strategies, seminars, or coaching programs, and/or have no intention of ever doing so, no problem. Make sure to read this message every week to get some ideas. Also, the libraries are filled with books to help you develop ideas, write sales letters or advertisements, help you determine who your market is, and teach you all the basics of marketing – all for FREE!

Having too many good clients packing your shop is way more financially rewarding than having a great management or operations system in place and still not having enough customers to make any real money. Focus on customers and clients first, and the profits will follow.

As always, I welcome your comments. Please post them below.

Ron Ipach

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