Roy Habben – The Michanics of Futures Trading

Roy Habben – The Michanics of Futures Trading

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This DVD Workshop explains how placing your order the right way can maximize your trading profits – even as it protects you against losses! You’ll learn about….

– The rewards of placing orders correctly.

– The different kinds of orders for trading futures.

– The different kinds of orders for trading options.

– How your broker interprets the orders you place.

– What happens to your order when it gets to the floor.

– How to prevent costly order translation errors.

– How to use “stops” to protect yourself from risk.

After viewing his videotape, you’ll know how to place orders so they’re executed exactly the way you want. You’ll better understand how your order gets from you to the floor and the role of each member of the order execution team. You’ll understand how costly errors are made – and how to prevent them from ever happening on your account!


  1. Beginning
  2. I Guarantee It
  3. The Mechanics
  4. Types of Orders
  5. Open Orders and Day Orders
  6. Spread Orders
  7. Option Orders
  8. Types of Spread Orders
  9. What to Tell Your Broker
  10. Market Orders
  11. Limit and Stop Orders
  12. SCO Orders
  13. How to Cancel Orders
  14. Fill or Kill
  15. Delivery Day
  16. The Fish Test
  17. Testimonials
  18. 10 Trading Rules
  19. Final Word


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