RSD - Lost Collection

RSD – Lost Collection

RSD – Lost Collection RSD – Tyler
RSD – Lost Collection RSD – Jeffy
RSD – Lost Collection RSD – Julien
RSD – Lost Collection RSD – Tyler

RSD – Lost Collection : RSD Tyler
Real Social Dynamics Tyler’s Six Steps For Ultra High Consistency In The Game (+Infield)
Tyler’s Street Game Revealed – ANYTHING Works! Do NOT Open Half Hearted! Own WHATEVER It Is You Do
Unleash Genius – Secrets To Rapid Learning & Implementing Huge Amounts Of New Ideas (+Tyler Infield)
Real Social Dynamics Secrets On The RIGHT Way To Build Social Momentum
Knock Her Off The Fence – Create A Strong Emotional Response By Using Your Strengths
Real Social Dynamics Tyler Infield Footage- A Typical Night Out In The Game – Hot Seat 2 Revealed
Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Being Real VS Fake (+Infield Footage Examples
Assume All Attention Is Funny And Positive! Taking Nothing Personal Communicates You’re Self Assured
Real Social Dynamics – How To Get Back In The Game (+Infield Footage Of Tyler’s First Night Back…)
Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Sexing Girlfriend Worthy Stunners – Turn Lessons Into Results!
How To Create Romance By Getting Into Arguments, Pulling To Roach Nests, And Not Paying For Drinks
Real Social Dynamics Tyler Infield Footage – A Typical Night Out In The Game – Hot Seat 2 Revealed

RSD – Jeffy Lost Collection

Evil Stifler Mastermind – Financing the Lifestyle, Creativity
God I Love Toronto
Jeff Allen (Get Laid Or Die Trying) Santacon 2010
Jeffy Bathrobe Chat
Jeffy Gets Stood Up
Jeffy Reveals How to Go HULK SMASH Mode on Girls
Jeffy Sings Infield
Regarding Threesomes and Rotation Management Strategy
SF Gay Pride Parade 2010
The 27 Rules of Pimp Game Part 3
The Devil in the Details
The Consensual Sex Van Revealed
The Devil in the Details
Training Days with Jeffy

RSD – Julien Lost Collection

Baby-Stepping The Interaction From Open To Close
Be Shameless To Get The Girl – Taking Your Game To The Next Level
Be The Ted Bundy Of Pickup – The Killer Instinct That Will Get You Laid 10 – 10 Times
Bitches Say Yes To Me All The Time – How To Pass Shit Tests
Coming Up With Gold Out Of Thin Air – How To Spark Up The Set When It Fizzles Out ( Infield Footage)
Definitive Guide To Sleeping With Girls The Same Night (May Be Too Advanced For You)
Developing A Caricature Of Self-Amusement To Pull Bitches While Youre On The Floor (Literally)
Do Not Calibrate Before The Fact! Here Is Why…
Every Elite Player Has This Quality – How To Get Yourself To Take MASSIVE Action
Fap Fap! FUCK NO! How To Learn Game From Porn The Right Way
Hit On Your Girls Friends If You REALLY Want To – The No-Shame Frame (And Why It Works So Well)
How Being Fat Gets You Laid – The Secret Pretty Boys Wish They Knew
How To Be A Player – Seeing The Social Matrix Of The Interaction
How To Control Girls Emotions To Make Them Do ANYTHING!
How To Create Massive Amounts Of Drama And GET AWAY WITH IT!
How To Drastically Increase Your Success Rate On The First Date
How To Generate Massive Social Proof Instantly – Introducing The Hub ( Infield Footage)
How To Get Away With ANYTHING – Scrambling Her RAS
How To Get Her Attention – Penetrate Her Wall Of Politeness
How To Sleep With ANY Girl – Short-Circuiting Girls Like Austin Powers
How To Stop Being A Permission Boy And Put On The Big Boy Pants
Make Her Obey – How To Never Give Her The Chance To Say No (The ABCs To Building MASSIVE COMPLIANCE)
Nobody Wants To Ruin The Fun – How To Be The Playful Asshole And Get Laid ALL The Time
Nuns Dont Get Laid – How To Get Her Addicted To Your Sex
One Night Stands – A Complete Breakdown
Pickup Cocktail – Hot Girl Texting plus Guaranteed Anti-Oneitis Pill plus Facebook Arsenal – YouTube
Real Social Dynamics Julien – How To Make Women Fall Psychotically In Love With You
Real Social Dynamics Julien – How To Use What Women Think To Make Them Sleep With You
Real Social Dynamics Julien And Alexander – The Yin And Yang Of Game
Real Social Dynamics Julien And Tyler – Pushing It To The Bitter End ( Infield Footage Examples)
Real Social Dynamics Julien Infield Footage – Shocking Pickup Rampage – Hot Seat 2 Revealed
Screening For Logistics Vs Persisting For Logistics
Second Round Sex – How To Keep A Girl After A One Night Stand
Strut Like You Own Them – Become The Guy Who Acts And Feels Like He Deserves Those 10s
Take The Easy Route To Picking Up Girls – Harness Your Blind Spots
The Art Of Hot N Cold – How To Be Emotional Crack
The Death Of The Video Jockey – Converting Theory Into Sex ( Infield Footage Examples)
The Promised Land – The Truth Behind Getting Good At The Game
Triple Your Results INSTANTLY – How To Be The Guy She Cant Get
What Makes Me An Elite Player – Training Yourself To Be Unreactive
Why So Serious! Learn The Right Way To Flirt With Women
World Summit – Learn The Polarity That Will Get The Emotional Reactions YOU Want From The Girl
Your Girlfriend WILL Cheat On You! Unless…
Youre Not Your FUCKING Khakis – How To Destroy Your Comfort Zone (Fuck Situational Confidence)
YOURE The MANIPULATOR, White Boy – The Reason Why Your Girlfriend Sleeps With Me


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