Russ Horn – Forex Master Method

Russ Horn – Forex Master Method

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Forex Master Method is the latest course after rapid results method and with this course we have taken a bit of a different approach with the focus mainly being on teaching students the fundamentals and principles that work both now and into the future.

With this course we will be offering a physical product that will include a printed book which is the manual detailing the exact methods and techniques of the course, we will also have a set of 8 dvds, a software known as trade locator and power meter, access to the war room, trading cheat sheets and customer support.

So here is a rundown of what is in the course

1# Colour Printed manual of the method

forex master method book

2# Set of 8 DVDs that teach the following:


1st DVD – Introduction & basic of the course

2ndDVD – Introduction to the unique method of training

3rd DVD – More on the unique methods

4th DVD – An in depth analysis of the method

5th DVD – Chart analysis

6th DVD – when to avoid the trades and advanced techniques

7th DVD – Q&A session on webinars

8th DVD –  Live trade webinars

3# Trade Locator and Power Currency Meter software


This is our unique software that will help you know when to enter and when to exit a trade.

4# Access to the war room

This is the members only area online with more videos and resources.

5# Cheat sheets

I give you the exact trading methods I use so u can begin using them immediately


About the author


Hi there thanks for visiting my blog, My name is Russ Horn and that’s my photo in the beginning of this post. I am a career forex trader for about 10 years now and it is still what I do for a living even today.

I have learnt quite a few thing in the past couple of years I have been in the forex trade having worked with the best in the business from hedge fund to private equity groups and I have lived to see some big trades and big losses as well. It is from all this experience that I and my team have put together our latest and greatest product forex strategy master.

If you have purchased any of my other previous products you may know that I am always about giving my customers real value which is why I only teach time tested techniques that I also use. This is also why I chose to use my face and not that of an actor for this product’s cover because I want to associate with my product and its subsequent reputation.



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