Russell Brunson – 7 Figure Shortcut

Russell Brunson – 7 Figure Shortcut

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Automated Webinars are one of the best ways to create a product once and sell it over and over again. It is like an on-demand webinar but the audience feels as though they are actually there live with the presenter(s) . Can be created with the following software platforms: Infusionsoft,, and Autopilot Webinars. I will be going into more depth about automated webinars in an upcoming post.

Russell talked extensively about how he uses scripts in all aspects of his business and how they help him and his team close more sales. He walked us through the process of the “setter” and the “closer” and he even shared his scripts to The 7 Figure Shortcut program.

“Jean Calswell Roberts, Dustin Matthews and Heidi Richards Mooney”

Jean Calswell Roberts, Dustin Matthews and Heidi Richards Mooney

Dustin Matthews talked about How to be a Rock Star. He shared 6 Rock Star Codes and gave us overviews of what each meant. They are:

Code #1 Celebritize Yourself – be a relentless self-promoter. Create an event. Make a list of attendees and frame it, put the list on your website, flyers, etc. Use the logos of groups you belong to on your website and other marketing material to increase credibility by association.

Code #2 – Rockstars Invent and Own Their Own Media. Think Oprah (O Magazine, Harpo productions, etc). If you publish a magazine put a price on the cover even if its free. Create an Internet TV show

Code #3 – Surprise your fans and they will buy more stuff (overdeliver)

Code #4 – Take them where they WANT to Be …elevate others to success/your audience/customers/clients

Code #5 – Know your fans – people today want instant and easy – hence the surgence of “done for you” products being eagerly sold everywhere online and off.

Code #6 – The Encore use bonuses to keep them coming back for more.

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