Ryan Deiss Subscription Empire

Ryan Deiss Subscription Empire

Subscription Empire Bonus #1 – Channel Optimization ($197 Value)

With Subscription Empire, you will be learning about Channel Optimization. As your Subscription Empire Bonus, I will do Channel Optimization for you. Most channels on YouTube are not optimized; as a result, usually the following enhancements can be made to increase visibility: Optimization for keywords Include a CTA in every description above the fold Common titles between related videos Add tags that are relevant to the industry and the video What you’ll receive: Titles – Vid titles optimized with keywords. Titles optimized with common title (i.e., – Your Company Name or Channel Name) Descriptions – Descriptions added to and enhanced to show CTA above fold Tags – Tags researched and strategically placed.
Subscription Empire Bonus #2 – Post Panda SEO Recipes eBook ($97 Value)

Did Your Rankings Drop After The Google Updates? Outdated methods will get your site punished by Google but you can now fight back with this 10 Day Post Panda SEO Action Plan ebook. It contains practical and effective, long term techniques. Topics include: Niche & Keyword Research, WordPress Setup & Advice, Quality Linkbuilding, Private Blog Networks, Social Bookmarking, Social Media for SEO and much more.
Subscription Empire Bonus #3 – How to build a Big Buyer List Video ($197 Value)

Ryan Deiss says “Build a big list of prospects is kinda like peeing on yourself in black pants, it gives you a warm feeling but nobody really notices.”

If you ever wondered how on earth people are sending out emails and making money time and time again, then it’s time you discovered… “Super Fast List Building”. Find out the Secret Formula to quickly build a gigantic list of subscribers who can’t wait to get their hands on what you have to offer next! Tap into these secrets to generate massive income online month after month with a couple of tools and a little know-how which is about to be revealed to you! If you’ve been around the Internet marketing arena for any length of time then I’m sure you’ve heard the old mantra that “The Money Is In The List”… While this is 100% true… why is it that nobody seems to want to show you HOW to build that list? You know you need a list… But how do you get it? Let me be point blank here… a list of subscribers that are interested in what you are selling is the key to your online success. So, the bottom line here is you need to begin building your list right now – as in starting TODAY! Imagine… with your own big list of people interested in what you are selling, with the simple click of a button you could generate thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars in mere hours.
Subscription Empire Bonus #4 – SOLO-MAILS Copy Writing ($97 Value)

Ryan will be talking about how and why SOLO-MAILS are still the best to build your list. My bonus here is to professionally write your solo ad and email ad for promotion to solo ad sellers to ensure more clicks. I am an experienced list builder and solo ad seller. I have worked with hundreds of solo ad advertisers with dozens of solo ad swipes that converted marvelously. I am ready to give you a cool solo ad copy that will convert well. I will make it catchy and concise. Straight to the point to ensure high conversion.
Subscription Empire Bonus #5 – Mobile Marketing Squeeze page ($197 Value)

2012 is SURE to be the year of MOBILE and what they have at Subscription Empire is nothing short of amazing.

You know – mobile marketing is all about to make it easy for your customers to take an action! You want your customers to call you, send a text or even find directions to your place, make it easy for them to do this or you will lose most of them to your competition who takes advantage of smartphones. Don’t expect them to be passion enough and try to write down your phone No, email or direction to your business, because that was the old school! These days everything is about making your customer life’s easier! you want them to follow you on your social networks and market them your products at later stage, take advantage now, otherwise you could lose out lifetime value on each customer who will chose an action in advantage to your competition! I will design your mobile landing page and you will see increase on your customer satisfaction and your sales! Note simple landing pages web-address will be lp.moved.mobi/yourcompany if your company name still will be available!
Subscription Empire Bonus #6 – Kindle Publishing Revolution ($197 Value)

If you want a one-stop repository for all the information you need to make your ebook as highly successful as possible on your Kindle Free Days, then this is great T&C bonus for you. It will step you through the KDP process and show you a multitude of websites and locations, both free and paid, that will market your story. By utilizing the information, I can attempt to help you achieve some of the success that has come my way through the use of Kindle Free Days. I will tell you that my first ebook utilization of my 5 free days, without giving away the exact figures, was downloaded XX,XXX times! I didn’t know whether I was going to have any downloads, 100 downloads, or what. I was surprised that an unknown author self-publishing his first ebook could have this enormous success. My ebook was ranked in the top 100 and achieved the #1 ranking in the cancer category as well! Let me show you the methods I used and the websites and blogs and every other service I visited and marketed on to get these kind of results. It would literally take you hours to find the information that I have put together in this bonus package for you.


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