Ryan Grepper - Inventor's Blueprint

Ryan Grepper – Inventor’s Blueprint

Free Content-Packed Training Videos Reveal How to Protect, Monetize and Market YOUR Ideas and Inventions
These EASY but relatively unknown strategies helped me start from scratch and earn over $100,000 on just one invention!

There’s only two ways to profit from your invention – license it, or bring it to market on your own. I’ve been successful at both. How do YOU choose? What do you need to know? How do you finally take your idea from your mind and monetize it in the marketplace? That’s what this video series is all about.

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I’ve spent six years mastering the invention process and studying in-depth what works (and learning the hard way what does NOT work). In the past year alone I’ve licensed three different inventions, and I continue to sell my past products. HOW?

You ALREADY invent products in your mind, you DON’T need to re-invent the wheel on how to bring it to market. Why not save time, effort, and MONEY by following a proven blueprint?

In these FREE training videos, you’ll learn:

How to intelligently research your idea to find out if your invention will be a money pit or a GOLD MINE
The $10,000 mistake that almost ALL first time inventors get sucked into
Which PATH TO PROFITS you should take based on your goals and product category



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