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Product Description:

Enrollment Mastery Training Course

Fill your Practice, Make Great Money &
Change Lives… Most importantly your Own

Imagine having a full practice
within 90 days!

checkmarkIn this 6-week virtual training course you’ll receive the tools, support, and guidance you need to master the art of Client Enrollment.


You’ll also get to participate in our
LIVE Retreat on the California coast.


Overall this course includes 35 hours of training PLUS a library of materials to help you fill your practice with clients you love.

Join us for this highly acclaimed training and:


Identify your Divine Right Clients (and Where to Find Them)


Create a Clear and Compelling Answer to the Question, “So, What Do You Do?”


Master the Art of Enrolling your Ideal Clients (so you Hear More Yes’s)


Create a Marketable Program and Enroll Clients for the Long Term


Stand in your Value and Feel Empowered to Charge What You’re Worth


Earn a Full-Time Income Working just 12 Days a Month (Using the Proven “6-Figure Healer Calendar”)


Stand Out in Your Industry and Be Seen for your Unique Contribution


Be Supported and Inspired by a Like-Minded Community of Women

When you learn the art of authentic, connected enrollment
conversations, filling your practice becomes easy.

Let’s do this together… the women’s way

6-Module Enrollment Mastery Training Course

Module 1: Clarify Your Niche


Mine the goldmine of your sacred life journey for the blueprint of your entrepreneurial message as you learn to masterfully and authentically package and describe the transformation you provide.

Module 2: Package Your Marketable Transformational Program


Put together one-of-a-kind packages to offer your clients so they consistently work with you, providing you steady income over the long term. Determine the divine right price for your services.

Module 3: Master Enrollment Conversations


Master our 6-step system to host discovery sessions that enroll your perfect clients at a 50% conversion rate. Learn to authentically make an offer that your perfect clients say “Yes” to.

Module 4: Clear Blocks to Authentic Promotion


Reprogram the mental chatter that fears being salesy or resists work, visibility, rejection & failure. Discover game-changing tools you can use daily to adopt the mindset of a 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur.

Module 5: Find Your Clients & Fill your Practice


Discover how to find your clients without recruiting or cold-calling. Confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” Master Conscious Networking, enroll your ideal clients Work just 10-12 days a month using the proven “6-Figure Healer Calendar.”

Module 6: Craft Your Transformational Talk That Fills Your Practice


Create a simple talk that attracts your perfect clients. Discover where and how to find speaking engagements and get booked. Learn to fill your first group program.

(Value $497)


  • Conversion Mastery Discovery Session Template
  • Niche Clarification Chart
  • Signature System Walk-Through Outline
  • Signature Talk Outline
  • Mindset Success System for the Entrepreneurial Ego Handout
  • Divine Right Price Formula System
  • 6-Figure Healer Schedule Calendar
  • Hiring your Ideal Team Flow Chart

Value Packed Enrollment Mastery Bonuses


TWO Enrollment Role-play Recordings

Deepen your understanding of discovery sessions by listening in on these sample conversations and learn to address money concerns when clients say they can’t afford your services.


LIMITED OFFER: 2 Tickets to our Live Event
Women’s Leadership Summit (Value $497)

Grow your Tribe, Lead your Tribe and Change the World… Together

At this 3 Day Retreat, you’ll:

Summit_Small (1)

  • Discover 3 Love-Based Launch Plans
  • Become The Leader You’re Here to Be
  • Connect with a Tribe of Women who Hold You to Your Greatness
  • Raise Your Prosperity Set-Point to Charge What You’re Worth
  • Experience the Largest Women’s Entrepreneurial Mastermind Hike in the World
  • Master Client Enrollment through Experiential Exercises

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Let’s make this year the year you get paid what you’re worth and make the difference you’re ready to make. Secure your spot TODAY because clients are waiting FOR YOU, so you can help them create the breakthroughs and healing they want and need.


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UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: If you find the program unsatisfactory to your needs, you have until the end of Week 1 of the program to get your money back, minus a $150 non-refundable deposit.
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee 6-figure success however, when you work these principles, our clients have fully achieved 6-figure success and beyond.

Yours in Purposeful Service,

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