Saj P and Philip Mansour - Banner Ad Blueprint

Saj P and Philip Mansour – Banner Ad Blueprint

“22 Year Old Highschool Dropout Banks $94,424 In 30 Days With “Stupid” Banner Ads”

Forget expensive pay per click, tricky PPV and time consuming SEO and re-discover The Amazing traffic secrets Super Affiliates and Fortune 500 companies use to flood their websites with ultra cheap high converting clicks…

If you’ve ever wanted to see your sites and affiliate offers flooded with hyper targeted server crushing traffic that 99% of other marketers don’t even know about, then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

Here’s why:

About 2 years ago, and totally on a whim, I decided to give banner advertising a try through Google’s content network.

To be honest it was a half-hearted test… but the results truly blew me away.

So much so that I instantly closed down all my PPC campaigns (even those making me $1500 a day), and threw my time into something that was insanely more profitable…


I know right now that might sound practically ludicrous, but banners drive around 85% of ALL paid traffic, crushing Google, Yahoo and MSN combined… and the traffic is dirt cheap, massively abundant and high converting.

By the time you are done reading this letter, you will understand beyond the shadow of a doubt why 99% of internet marketers neglect to use them, and how the 1% that do can get incredibly rich incredibly fast…

Case in point, the last 30 days have seen me get $94,424. richer


Banner Ad Blueprint – Your key to making serious money as soon as possible by doing the simplest things you can imagine

Check out just a hint of what you’ll discover in this 12 hour video course:

How to get started making the easiest money of your life as soon as possible, with almost no cost and hardly any actual effort… you can be up and running within the hour, and the profits can last for YEARS

How to get paid over and over again by using banner ads to promote other people’s products… and I’m not talking about the same old affiliate nonsense you always see…

Where to get torrents of traffic that’s eager to check out WHATEVER you’re offering…

I’ll show you how to focus so tightly that site visitors will almost have to take whatever action you want them to…

How to use direct linking to make cash whenever you want it, on demand… sometimes it’s NOT about throwing up a landing page and preselling or building a list, sometimes it really is about quick and dirty profits

How to make money from all different sources… sure, Clickbank is cool, but there’s a big wide world out there so I’ll show you all kinds of places that will help you get rich… you can write your own paycheck, whenever you want to

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