Sam Bakker – How To Sell More With Email Marketing (PDF Only)

Sam Bakker – How To Sell More With Email Marketing (PDF Only)

Sam Bakker – How To Sell More With Email Marketing (PDF Only)

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40 Page Step By Step Guide To Making Money With Email

Chapter #1: Core Principals Of Email Marketing:

What Autoresponder You Should Choose
The Best Ways To Generate Subscribers From Scratch
How To Signup So You Get Paid For The Sales You Make

Chapter #2: Setting Yourself Up To Succeed With Email Marketing

Why Some Affiliate Marketers Succeed Where Others Fail
What It’s Going To Take To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer
Understanding The Mindset & Belief System You Need To Develop

Chapter #3: Identifying Your Subscriber

How To Identify Products Your Subscribers Want
How To Get Review Copies Of Products 100% Of The Time
The Importance Of Video Reviews And How To Present Yourself The Right Way (So people like you)

Chapter #4: How To Find Offers Your Subscribers Want

How To Find Out What Your Subscriber Likes (It’s Not What You Think)
A Sneaky Strategy For Getting Into The Mind Of Your Subscribers And What They Want
How To Ensure EVERY Offer You Promote Is Received Well

Chapter #5: How To Construct Your Offers Effectively

How To Effectively Structure An Email (This Is Key)
What I learnt From An Author That Changed The Way I Promote Affiliate Marketing Offers Entirely
How To Decide When And How To Email Your Subscribers (This Is SO IMPORTANT)

Chapter #6: Important Features Of Your Emails

How To Find A Good Angle (This is key)
How To Make Up Where The Offer Drops Off (This Is Really Important)
My 5 Step Litmus Test I Do Before Emailing ANYONE ANYTHING

Chapter #7: How To Write An Effective Email That Encourages Your Subscribers To Buy

Where I Find Bonuses To Use For My Offers
How To Construct An Effective Video Review
How To Create An Effective Bonus Page To Sell A Product

Chapter #8: Effective Methods Of Adding Value

The One Common Word That Kills Your Subscriber List And How To Avoid EVER Using It
The Sale Is Made In The Email – How To Guarantee People ALWAYS Open Your Emails
The Big Dos And Don’ts Of Email Marketing (This Is Key)

Chapter #9: How To Consistently Generate Results From Your Subscriber List

What It Takes To Make Money Email Marketing Long Term
What To Avoid That KILLS Your Subscriber List Faster Than A Hot Knife Through Butter
Why You Don’t Need To Be A Good Marketer To Make 6 Figures In Online Marketing With Email

Chapter #10: How To Scale Your Success Into A 6 Figure Business

How To Keep Money Coming In Week To Week
A Key Method I Taught One Student A Key Method For Generating $2500 A Week He’s Still Using To Make Money With Today
Overmailing VS Undermailing – You HAVE To Understand The Difference.


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