School Of Phenomenal Memory-Lessons

School Of Phenomenal Memory-Lessons

School Of Phenomenal Memory-Lessons | 313 MB
Genre: E-Learning
This course makes studying pathetically easy. If every student learnt this, then the colleges and universities would have to make exams considerably harder because every student would be obtaining near 100% every time.

After all,The art and science of memory is taught only and only at SCHOOL OF PHENOMENAL MEMORY,in the universe and nowhere else.

How does it work?

School of Phenomenal Memory is designed to provide results fast and efficiently. It consists of 60 lessons . After you complete all 60 lessons, you will be able to memorize anything, including entire books. That’s the guarantee!
One lesson takes one to two hours with exercises. You are welcome to study at your own pace, but keep in mind that one lesson per day is the maximum and three lessons per week is the minimum (or something in between). If you do one lesson per day, you will have real Phenomenal Memory in 60 days.
Real Phenomenal Memory after just 60 lessons is an amazing result for me to deliver, so I don’t have time to flood you with useless reading and gimmicks. All lessons are very practical, because practical training is the only way to get into the mental shape necessary to handle book memorization. It is not about just gaining memorization skill; it is about having super strong attention, vivid visualization, and dramatically improved thinking speed. Reading or listening to some tapes or CDs will never provide any significant result. That’s like trying to get in physical shape by sitting on the couch and reading a book about bodybuilders.

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