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Scott Rewick - Media Buying Strategies

Scott Rewick – Media Buying Strategies

Scott Rewick – Media Buying Strategies | 5.1 GB

These days it is possible to make a FORTUNE buying online media in just a matter of days. Similarly, you can LOSE a fortune in a matter on days as well I’m here to make sure that you are NOT in the group that loses a fortune, and that you ARE in the group that makes as much money as you want.

Webinar 1 – Media Buying 101- The basics

We cover a lot of ground here, going over some of the very basics of successful Media Buying online. I lay out the landscape here from Portals to Ad Networks, to Social Media. We cover what is going on in the industry as a whole, and look at all the powerful and innovative changes that are affecting this space. We discuss the variety of places to buy media, along with cover some of the important terminology you’ll need to succeed.

Webinar 2 – Media Buying Fundamentals

In this course, we get into some of the basics of setting up your first media buy. We cover a lot of basic terminology and start to set the stage for you, arming you with the tools you are going to need to start successfully media buying. Another super detailed course on what you are going to need to be successful in this space. We go over the flow I’ve seen repeated years over years to ensure successful Media Buys.

Webinar 3 – Introduction to Media Buying Sources

In this section, we cover the entire landscape of online media buying. We lay out all the places to buy and go into some detail of each of the particular areas. We will cover Ad Neworks, Social Media, PPV, Co-Registration, Email and more!

Webinar 4 – Deep Dive Into Social Media and Ad Networks

With Ad Networks and Social Media we are now getting into some more advanced media buys and this is where it can very exciting. I’ve turned $100 per day campaigns into $20k per day powerhouses using Ad Networks. We get into who some of the big players are in the space and how you can leverage their massive reach to become a prolific and large media buyer. We go into greater detail on account setup and I share with you some of my tricks to making this huge media buying channel work to your favor.

Webinar 5 – Tying It All Together: Real World Examples

The trick to making a successful media buyer often comes down to tips, techniques and strategies. The great news is that I’ve picked up a lot along with way, and have learned from the best guys, and just simple hard work. This is where my 10+ years of experience really comes into play, as I’m going to walk you through everything I’ve learned about how to make media work out profitably. This webinar is going to be great

Webinar 6 – Q&A

This final session is primarily going to be Q&A session where we get into specific questions people have, and at this point, hopefully people will have real world data we can work with and discuss. We are going to spend a lot of time learning from each other, and getting all the questions on the table to discuss. I’ll make sure we cover everything and anything that is still up in the air and make sure each and every question gets answered.

Bonus: Affiliate Millionaire Summit ($1497.00 Value)

I recently teamed up with one of the most prolific Clickbank marketers on the planet! SajP has been responsible for over 7 #1 ClickBank products. Together, Saj and I put on a 4 day seminar out in London. We are talking hours upon hours of amazing, never disclosed content. This content has never been shared, outside of the room of attendees who paid $1497 to attend the event.

Special Bonus

Special Bonus for the first 20 students. I’m going to throw in 2 interviews I did with Yanik Silver (the name needs no more further introductions) and Susan Hill, 2010 Underground Marketer of The Year.

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