Secret Niche Files – 60 Niche Research Packs

Secret Niche Files – 60 Niche Research Packs

Name Product: Secret Niche Files – 60 Niche Research Packs

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This is great data to have on hand for all kinds of uses. Product creation, copywriting and
marketing, content ideas, ad creation etc. – Non Conformer

We buy something we want based on emotions, then justify and rationalize our decision with explanations in our mind.

So when writing your sales copy for your products and services, you should reach out to people, appeal to their emotions, make them WANT what you have to offer and justify it with the rest of your copy…

This means to say, you really need to sneak your way into your customers’ head and speak to their needs, their wants, their problems, their frustrations, their fears and their desires.

And in order to do that, you must do the research beforehand to identify your market’s:

* Demographics
* Psychographics
* Biggest Problems
* Biggest Frustrations
* Frequently asked questions
* Wants and Desires

Once I was able to figure that out, I became a product creation machine and in JUST the past three years, I’ve launched well over 40 products which raked in several hundreds of thousands of dollars!


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