Self Reliance Summit - Nathan Crane

Self Reliance Summit – Nathan Crane

Discover Dozens of Empowering Strategies for Becoming More Self Reliant,
Living Sustainably, and Being Prepared for Any Disaster or Global Pandemic
During the SELF RELIANCE SUMMIT Global Online Event – FREE!

During the summit you will learn:
• How to Grow Your Own Food Effectively and Efficiently
• When Disaster Strikes: What You Need to Know, Do, and Have on Hand
• Return to Your Roots: How Anyone Can Embrace the Homesteading Lifestyle
• Emergency Home Power. More Electricity than you need in a Disaster
• What most people don’t know about self-reliant living and preparedness
• Alternatives to Dentist – How to Prevent and Heal Common Tooth Ailments
• Creating Sustainable Food Forests, Building Community, and Staying Warm
• Emergency Herbal Medicine Storage
• Survival In A Nut Shell
• Water: What to do if the Tap Runs Dry
• And So Much More!

You Will Learn the Latest About Generating Free Electricity, Implementing Permaculture Principles, Water Collection and Purification, Living-Off-Grid, Becoming More Self-Reliant, Dressing Wounds, Being Prepared for any Disaster – Global Pandemic -or- Survival Situation, Living Sustainably, Natural Dentistry, Homesteading, The 5 Most Important Healing Herbs to Have on Hand at All Times and Much More During this 7 Day Free Online Summit with More than a Dozen Leading Experts in Self Reliance, Survival and Sustainable-Living!

Do You Know How to Properly Collect, Store, and Purify Enough Water for You and Your Family? Live a More Self Reliant Sustainable Lifestyle with Pure Freedom! Knowing how much water you need for yourself and your family is key. One of our experts says you need a minimum of 2 gallons per person per day in a self-reliant or survival situation – minimum.Are you set up for that? Do you know the proper equipment to use? Learn all of this and more during this informational summit.

Are You Prepared for Solar Storms and EMP Attacks that Could Wipe Out the Entire Power Grid? If and When the Power Grid Fails, Do You Know How to Generate Your Own Electricity? Or How to Power Your Refrigerator from Your Car? What if you had all of the electricity you needed for any kind of survival situation. When the grid goes down, there are bare electrical essentials such as lights, warmth, and keeping food cold that you need to focus on. If you know how to generate just enough electricity to keep your essentials up, you will have a great chance of survival.

Is Solar Your Best Friend, or Your Worst Enemy? Discover How to Use Solar Properly, Create Battery Banks, and Generate Electricity from the Bare Essentials. Most people don’t know how to use solar effectively. They don’t realize how ineffective it is against things like Solar Storms and EMP attacks. Solar is certainly a powerful way to get more off the grid and be more energy independent, but do you know how to protect your solar so it lasts for many years? Or how to set your solar up so it’s safe, effective, and feeds all of your needs? We cover all of these subjects, and much more during the summit.

Learn How to Easily Create Sustainable Gardens and Thriving Food Forests with Very Little Effort or Maintenance in Any Part of the Country! What if you could learn how to generate enough food for your family in only one hour per day of gardening? And what about the long term food production with little maintenance such as food forests? Learning these permaculture skills will not only help you live more self reliant and be healthier, but could potentially save your life in the event of a food shortage spread nationwide.

Discover How to Heal Any Wound Quickly and Easily With “Super Herbs”, and Learn How to Effectivaly Fix any Cavities or Teeth Issues Without a Dentist! Being injured is one thing, but being injured and not knowing how to take care of it yourself is another! Learn how to overcome migraines, survive a stroke or heart attack, reverse hypothermia, fix cavities and teeth decay, stop massive bleeding, clot internal bleeding, protect yourself against pandemic, virus, and bacteria, and so much more with these Super Herbs!

God Forbid a Disaster Ever Happened to You – But Wouldn’t it Be Smart to Be Prepared for the Life of Yourself and Your Family? We’re Not Talking About Hiding Away Somewhere, We’re Talking About Living More Self Sustained So if Any Kind of Disaster Did Happen, You Would Have Enough Food, Water, Shelter, and Power to Get You Through it! Being self reliant helps you to be prepared for any kind of disaster or survival situation. But do you know what you need to have on hand at all times? What should you put in your go bag? Where would you go, how would you get there, and how long would you stay? It’s not about living in fear, but being smart and prepared for any kind of disaster whether natural or man-made, and you will learn all of this and a lot more during the interviews in this summit.

Meet our Speakers:

Marjory Wildcraft
How to Grow Your Own Food Effectively and Efficiently
In this interview with Marjory Wildcraft you will learn:
• why growing your own food is like printing your own money
• the secret to a green thumb
• the biggest mistake most beginners make, and how to avoid it
• the single best indicator to predict when dramatic changes will occur in your neighborhood.
• 3 steps for getting started today

Matthew Stein
When Disaster Strikes: What You Need to Know, Do, and Have on Hand
Emergency prep is like car insurance, you hope you never need it, but if you do, you thank God you were prepared! From pandemic to EMP, superstorms, extended blackouts and systemic collapse, bestselling author Mat Stein lays out how best to prepare for an increasingly unstable future.

Jill Winger
Return to Your Roots: How Anyone Can Embrace the Homesteading Lifestyle
Backyard chickens, mason jars, container gardening, dairy animals… The modern-day homesteading movement is on the rise as people feel the urge to return to their roots and enjoy a simpler way of life. In my presentation, I’ll share my own story of stumbling upon the lifestyle of modern homesteading, and share how listeners can embrace it for themselves, whether they live in a high-rise apartment or on 100 acres of wide open space.

Steven Harris
Emergency Home Power. More Electricity than you need in a Disaster
I talk about everything energy, how to power your house from your car, how to power it from a generator, how to run the generator off natural gas so you have no fuel storage issues. I talk about how to store fuel for those who must store gasoline. I cover what to power and what not to power in your house so you know what you need and do not need. I cover solar and other methods as well as the things out there you DO NOT want to buy and in depth on the simple things you can buy that will make everything that stopped working because of the power failure, now work because you have a source of electricity.

Mike Adams
What most people don’t know about self-reliant living and preparedness
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger goes one on one to talk about everything you need to know to be prepared for when disaster hits. He covers the main threats, to items you need to have all the way through survival of any size disaster.

Gerald Celente
The intersection of self-respect and well-being
Not too long ago, American citizens of all races, creeds and colors were a significantly more dignified human species. They were proud of themselves and proud to be Americans. That mega-trend has been reversed. It took more than two generations, but we have come to the point where many Americans — too many — have lost their pride. They don’t respect themselves or their nation. Literally and figuratively, they can hardly stand on their own two feet. Plagued by obesity and other preventable diseases, Americans can barely carry their weight. In the Trends Research Institute’s summer edition, we take an in-depth look at this issue – from a diet and nutrition perspective, through a cultural lens, and beyond. My talk will examine this issue and whether this trend will reverse itself.

Doug Simons
Alternatives to Dentist – How to Prevent and Heal Common Tooth Ailments
Your teeth are alive! We explore tooth health in depth with the focus of how to prevent tooth/gum issues, as well as how to deal with common tooth ailments such as cavities and acute tooth infections. Doug teaches very simple yet powerful techniques in which students learn to empower themselves through personal tooth care.

Laurie Neverman
The New Homesteading Movement
Laurie Neverman, creator of Common Sense Homesteading, has a BS in Math/Physics and an MS in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Renewable Energy. She is a wife and mother with a passion for natural healing, homesteading and gardening. She and her family live in a Wisconsin Green Built and Energy Star certified home. Her interests also include herbalism, wildcrafting (using weeds for food and medicine), homebrewing and live culture foods.

Paul Wheaton
Creating Sustainable Food Forests, Building Community, and Staying Warm
Paul Wheaton is the creator of the largest permaculture forum on the internet, He has been crowned the “Duke of Permaculture” and also referred to as the “Bad Boy of Permaculture”. He has released over 290 podcasts on many permaculture topics ranging from eco-building to frugality to cast iron cookware. He is an Advanced Certified Master Gardener, permaculture design guru, farmer, community leader, and repository of well researched opinions.

David Christopher
Emergency Herbal Medicine Storage
Teaching people to know what herbs to store so that they can treat emergency situations that may come up when medications may no longer be available.

Daniel Shrigley
Survival In A Nut Shell
As with anything in survival it all goes back to basics. Understanding your needs to self-sustain. After you move past and accomplish water, fire, shelter and food. You now need to grow your toolbox. Task simplification comes with the proper tools available by way of fabrication from raw materials.

Scott Hunt
Water: What to do if the Tap Runs Dry
From simple to complex. Ways to find, secure and deliever potable water and electricity to you retreat.

Sam Coffman
Sustainable Medicine before, during and after a collapse
Sam Coffman will discuss the effectiveness of herbal medicine as sustainable medicine both in every day life as well as during or after a disaster. Herbal medicine is extremely effective for not many chronic medical conditions but also for acute illness, pandemics and even injuries and infections. Join Sam as he discusses some of the most relevant herbal medicine for practical use, as well as the mentality behind sustainability in medicine whether from the wild or from your garden.

Nicole Telkes
Weedcrafting: Sustainable and Safe Foraging
As many of us relearn our wild plant medicines, and teach others how to find them and connect with nature, we become stewards and must also protect wild plants. Weedcrafting is a redefinition of WIldcrafting. Weedcrafting is the harvesting of plant material from wild and waste spaces that helps support the native ecosystem and promotes diversity. Weedcrafting a type of wild gardening that looks at the ecology of a place as well as the species of interest and takes into account that the earth cannot sustain unconscious foraging in our wildlands. Weedcrafting is about not only tuning into the wild in yourself, but also looking past our cities at the wildness and weediness making medicinal offerings to us in the most unlikely of places.

James Stevens
Making Preparedness Easy: Back to the Basics, Forward to the Future
James Talmage Stevens, otherwise known as Doctor Prepper, is the owner of the Preparedness Radio Network. PRN is the leading preparedness broadcasting group on the Internet, currently broadcasting on James is a best selling author of Making the Best of Basics, The Family Preparedness Handbook, is now in it’s 11th edition, selling more than 800,000 copies worldwide.

Jason Matyas
What is the Grid? Why and How you Need to Get Off It Now
In this highly acclaimed talk, Jason will discuss the various manifestations of the Grid in modern America, and why you need to take action now to reduce your dependence on it. Millions realize that something is wrong with our modern economy and society, but don’t understand how each element works to reduce their freedom, nor what they can do about them to gain more self-reliance and true liberty. Beyond describing the key aspects of the modern system that enslave people, Jason will talk about how the primary solutions are in your hands – not in political action or waiting for a better future – but in taking action now to reduce your dependence and creating the replacement for the modern system that is failing.

Steven Harris
Bonus Gifts
• Making Moonshine or Alcohol Car Fuel at Home
• How to Create a Home Battery Bank
• Surviving the Blackout of 2003
• Firstaid Class for Preparedness



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