The all-new SellerPrime platform helps Amazon sellers with features such as Product Research
Find the next superhero product
, Product Ideas, Listing Quality, Product Alerts, Product Source, Keyword research, PPC Analyzer and much more.



FE – SellerPrime – $66.99

  • You are killing it as an Amazon selling ninja, and need all the advanced tools to fuel your success
  • Product Research
  • Are you ready to find the next superhero product and then make a killing by selling it on Amazon? SellerPrime’s Product Research tool mines through over 35M+ products and thousands of data points to find that perfect product for you. Make data driven decisions by taking guesswork out of your business. Make smart product choices with SellerPrime product research tool.
  • Product Ideas
  • Instead of browsing hundreds of products on Amazon aimlessly trying to guess what sells, SellerPrime helps you discover products that are in high demand on Amazon, products that have had a sudden spike in sales volume. Sellers can easily browse products that are trending, most gifted, recently released best selling products, BSR movers, and products that have recently become toppers in their category. Once you find a potential product, add to the product tracking with a single click and deep dive into product details and make your decision. Simple as that.
  • Listing Quality
  • Discoverability of your product and buy box placement is highly dependant on the quality of your listing. Having the right keywords, images, headers etc. is important to have an optimized listing to improve the chances of conversion. SellerPrime can analyze all your listings for best practices and provide with actionable recommendations to improve your listing on amazon. Guaranteed to see results within weeks.
  • Product Keyword
  • Sometimes, even though you have your winning products, if they don’t getting enough search visibility, your competitors will steal your sales. One of the main reasons for this is that your competing products are indexed with more suitable keywords than yours. SellerPrime product keyword tool can help you find the keywords that your competitors are using and you can add them to your listing to improve your conversions. With such competitive intelligence at your fingertips selling has been never easier!
  • Seller Watch
  • Amazon marketplace is fiercely competitive and keeping track of your competition is equally important to stay on top of your competition. Seller Watch is a great feature that helps you track other sellers a.k.a your competitors. By tracking a seller’s storefront, you get information of their portfolio including estimated daily unit sales and revenue, opportunity score of their product and other essential data points like BSR, reviews, ratings etc. You can also track their products to get a list of keyword phrases used in their listing, check out their listing quality index and do much more.
  • Product Alerts
  • You don’t have to worry about monitoring your portfolio and competition all the time. Simply setup the alerts you need and we will notify you when you need to take action. You can choose to setup a wide range of alerts such buybox price, listing quality index and negative ratings.
  • Product Source
  • If you are a private label seller and have a product set in mind, SellerPrime can help you find the most optimal way of sourcing it. SellerPrime gives an elegant solution to this by giving a comprehensive list of suppliers from sources such as Alibaba along with profile information like price, trade assurance, minimum order size, response rate. Once you shortlist the suppliers that interest you, you can even contact them through SellerPrime with few clicks. How awesome is that.
  • Keyword Research
  • Your products will only be visible in Amazon for a specific search query if the listing contains all of the search keywords. Due to this, it is crucial that your product listing is optimized with relevant keywords. SellerPrime can provide you with relevant keywords for each product, search volumes and all information needed to optimize your keywords.
  • PPC Analyzer
  • If you are a serious seller, it is likely that you are promoting your products with PPC(Pay Per Click) campaigns. More often than not, you will see that while some keywords are generating sales and others don’t. Keywords and Amazon PPC optimization works in complex ways and SellerPrime PPC analyzer can help earn more sales and conversions from your PPC keywords. PPC analyser helps you understand how the campaigns are performing, how can you keep the ACoS as low as possible, bidding for the right keywords and adjusting your bids and so forth. Everything you need to optimize your PPC campaigns.
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Portfolio Consultation
  • Seller Watch
  • Price Alert
  • Chrome Plugin
  • Hijacker Alert
  • Negative review Alert
  • Priority support

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