SEO Traffic Hacks Webinars

SEO Traffic Hacks Webinars


In the May 2014 algo updates, quite a few Parasite-type platforms were slapped, even tanked and subsequently decided to nofollow all external links on millions of press releases. Whether that eventually gets them back in Google’s good books remains to be seen.

As it turns out, there are still tons of good potential Parasite platforms out there if you dig (I don’t want to name them here) but how can you know whether a particular platform is still OK with Google or not (and that could change in the future of course)? Email me via support (at) if you aren’t sure how to find them.

If I’m in this situation now, I use SEMRush on the root domain to view a couple of things quickly – and yes I know SEMRush isn’t free but its range of abilities makes it great value in my book, especially for deep-dive rank checking on my own sites, more on that in a minute.


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