Shaun Overton - Case Studies of Profitable Forex Robot Traders[eBook (PDF)]

Shaun Overton – Case Studies of Profitable Forex Robot Traders[eBook (PDF)]

My company has built over 1,000 custom expert advisors for traders around the world. I love my business; it gives me an insider’s view on how most traders think and the types of strategies they pursue.

Sadly, the failure rate with trading is very high – even with robots. I’m tired of watching customers trying to reinvent the wheel when there are already plenty of successful trading strategies out there.
What if I simply put my best trading robots in your hands? I want to lay it all out on the table and explain exactly why and how they work. It’s powerful stuff.
Have you ever seen a robot with an amazing equity curve. Then, the moment that you turn it on, the performance immediately turns around and starts to tank?
Knowing the difference between a robot that got lucky and one that works for a real reason is a critical distinction. Otherwise, when you see the equity curve for my best strategy, you’re always going to feel the seed of doubt in the back of your mind – “will this work for me”?
The real power of a trading strategy is knowing why the thing works. Simple Trade Strategies is a video course that teaches you the buy/sell rules behind my library of trading strategies. The rules are open source and the robots are ready for you to use immediately.
Simple Trade Strategies is a video course designed to show you what solid, robut trading strategies look like. Once you know how to pick and choose a good strategy, I supply you with my library of pre-approved strategies that are ready to go.
Learn what good strategies look like. Get my best strategies. I’m literally putting all of my knowledge in your hands.

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