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Shaun Smith – Stealth Traffic Formula

Shaun Smith – Stealth Traffic Formula

Shaun Smith is an online marketer by profession. He began his online entrepreneurial journey back in the year 2005 by exploring the basics of Internet marketing. Soon he developed strong interest in it as he understood the true potential of the entire system and started creating websites. Shaun came up with hundreds of sites literally that brought him a lot of good fortune and good name too.

After gaining experience, Shaun started to teach his techniques to fellow affiliates and became an authority in their eyes. He then launched a couple of blueprints of what exactly they needed to do in order to earn money. Now, the journey was filled with ups and down; he was once accused of being a scam, however, it was later cleared that he delivers what he promises.

Shaun Smith’s Focal Point

Shaun Smith has been in the industry for nearly 5 years and in these 5 years, he has come up with several websites that help others and that bring him money. However, by looking at his past products and programs, it can’t be said what exactly his area of focus is. He came up with Stealth Traffic Formula and IM Demons so far, and both of them have done quite well for him.

Shaun Smith’s Product Portfolio

Stealth Traffic Formula

Stealth Traffic Formula is a system that Shaun basically created to let online marketers earn money from their online marketing campaigns. The course includes some really hard hitting methods to make it really big on the web, and apparently, a lot of people did get benefited from it. And, because it leverages the potential of Clickbank, it becomes even easier for people to understand and use it.

Shaun Smith Negative

If you read what is written about Shaun on the web, you would realize that he has got quite a good image across webmasters. Even though, he is not among the biggest webmasters out there, he surely stands among reputed web gurus. And, we can confirm this information from what we found after we did our part of research and analysis of the course. The only concerning thing we got was when few of his buyers didn’t get the results they expected, which was perhaps their own fault.

Shaun Smith Scam?

Shaun Smith was quite unknown to many before he launched Stealth Traffic Formula; however, once he came up with that course, a lot of people started to recognize him, of course, in a good sense. There are reviews and comments on various online platforms, but most of them are positive, so this basically means that Shaun Smith is not a scam. There were some glitches when some people created a domain “Shaun Smith Scam” and ranked, but he kind of emerged well from that controversy.
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