Silva Peaks The Silva Method (Breaking The Boundaries Of Human Potential)

Silva Peaks The Silva Method (Breaking The Boundaries Of Human Potential)

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The World Opens Its Mind & The Banks Close Their Doors, I Present to You The Highest Level Of Silva Training.

This is The Wisdom that will Take You from Silva Graduate to Silva Master, with Unimaginable Power Over Your Wealth, Health, Happiness & Destiny—and for the First Time in History, You have Access to It.

Dear Silva Graduate,

Do you ever wish you could do more with your Silva training?

Don’t get me wrong I’m certain that you, just like millions of other Silva graduates, have experienced some incredible breakthroughs with the material you’ve studied thus far. Breakthroughs that made you happier, healthier and wealthier than ever before.

But how is it that some Silva graduates have been able to achieve the unthinkable? Achievements such as:

* Not just controlling or improving their health… but using caseworking to completely cure themselves and others of ravaging diseases like cancer, diabetes or arthritis.
* Not just boosting their income but making millions of dollars through the discovery of extraordinary ideas and innovations.
* Not just enhancing their intuitive and mental abilities but discovering mind-blowing psychic powers within themselves.
* Not just experiencing short bursts of inspiration but channelling endless streams of intense inspiration enough to create, write and build previously unimaginable creative masterpieces.

Silva PEAKS Breaking the Boundaries of Human Potential

Available EXCLUSIVELY on this site, the boundary-breaking Silva PEAKS course includes:

Module 1: A New Mind

* The crucial get-it-wrong-and-lose-everything question you must ask yourself before finding your destiny.
* The hush-hush secret spiritual masters use to retain a constant connection to the source.
* Quantum physicists have proven it, but how do you do it? How to use your mind brainwaves to influence solid matter in the physical world.
* PLUS: Are you making the right decisions in life? What you must do to discover your true destiny and live it.

Module 2: Road Map to Success Part I

* The mysterious twists on managing stress. How to effortlessly turn stress into fuel for your goals.
* Am I who I think I am? Why 8 in 10 people don’t know their true selves and what you must do to discover it.
* The life-eater that’s ROBBING you of your life’s pleasures and how to eliminate it for good.
* PLUS: 90% of all physical illnesses are caused by one single culprit. What you must do to vanquish it, and manifest perfect health for you and your loved ones.


Module 1: Road Map to Success Part II

* The 5-minute solution to experiencing a perfect, lasting Alpha State each and every time (you’ll be ahead of the 80% of those who can).
* Your wish is my command the most reliable, efficient method to manipulating the Universe into giving you only what you want, and repel the things you despise.
* It’s the ____ that makes the difference the little-known fact behind failure, and how to overcome it TODAY.
* The One-Second-Savior how you can automatically eliminate 85% of the external stimulus around you and instantly become more creative, intuitive and resourceful.
* PLUS: The famous Three-Fingers-Technique, and how this powerful tool can save you over and over again from the dangers of your own actions.

Module 2: Road Map To Success (Meditation Exercise)

* Experience an eye-opening live meditation induction that unlock the door to deep, flawless, monk-like meditation, time and time again.


Module 1: Connect With Your Spirit

* The Mysterious Case of the Helping Soul. How you can get MORE in return for what you give others with amazing consistency.
* The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it roadblock thats stopping you from OWNING the brilliance of people you admire (Warren Buffett, Einstein, Mother Theresa, etc.) within seconds.
* Beyond temporary fixes. Experience a lasting sense of heightened awareness all day, every day by controlling your focusing faculty.
* PLUS: Correct abnormalities with effortless ease. Discover the surefire method to fixing stubborn flaws in you and those around you, and manifest a better reality for all.

Module 2: We Are One

* Get rid of that alarm clock! How to effortlessly wake up at the exact time you desire, full of energy and strength to face the day every day.
* The gut-stirring method to manifesting your desires at precise times you specify. You’ll finally have total control over your life.
* Discover how to use the Law of Compound to accelerate your goals up to 1,000% faster.
* How to leave the world in perfect health (yes, you can choose whether to surrender your last breath in a bang or in agony).
* PLUS: The miraculous Soul Molding technique. How to train your soul to accommodate your dreams and desires.

Module 3: The Story of Jose Silva, by Nelda Sheets

* Watch in awe as one of Jose Silva’s EARLIEST students reveals the roots of the Silva Method, before this known only to Silva insiders.
* The ability many believed to be a special gift from God in the 60 and how you can effortlessly attain it now.
* PLUS: What Jose Silva did to make his first 50 students INSIST he return, barely a week after their first session.


Module 1: The Mirror of The Mind Technique

* Learn the Mirror of The Mind technique, one of Silva’s most requested tools, and secure endless success for you and your goals.

Module 2: The Holo Viewing Technique

* Transform your future into what YOU want it to be with the highly effective Holo Viewing technique.


Module 1: The 3 Scenes and Energizing Water Technique

* What does your potential as a human being have to do with scientist Masaru Emotos work with water molecules? The answer may surprise you.
* Become an expert healer, instantly. Learn how monks bless water that miraculously heals physical illnesses.


Module 1: Counselors and Past Lives by Isabel Silva

* In less than 37 seconds discover how to bring two of the worlds most intelligent, empowering and inspiring counsellors into your life to lead you where you want to go.
* How to create a laboratory dimension in your mind where you can formulate fail-proof plans towards realizing your dreams.
* PLUS: Why you will never feel the same again about your intuition. (HINT: once you follow this advice, your intuition will grow LEVELS beyond where it is today)


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