Simon Black – Sovereign Man Global Offshore and Investment Masterclass

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Product Description:

Reduce Your Exposure To The System, Protect Your Hard-Earned Assets, & Grow Your Bottom Line With These Hidden Gems…
Plus, the biggest announcement we’ve ever made about the best financial strategy imaginable (no one is talking about this)…
Have clear cut, step-by-ste
Store your savings in some of the most well-capita…
Invest in unique, lucrative opportunities offering a 12.5% return backed by real, liquid assets (the type of stuff you won’t find on Wall Street, or just about anywhere else).
Obtain multiple passports and multiple residencies so that no matter what happens in your home country, your family will be secure.
Buy and store gold in the safest facility (and one of the strongest jurisdictions) in the world.
Structure your business and/or trust overseas to reduce your tax burden and keep more of your hard-earned dollars.
The videos are divided into 5 categories
1. Keynote speakers (J. Rickards, P. Schiff, R. Kiyosaki & T. Price)

2. Investment Opportunities

3. Banking

4. Tax & Legal Structures

5. Residency & Citizenship
Although directed principally at US citizens (especially the Tax & Legal stuff) there is still plenty of info for people from other countries

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