Simon Hodgkinson – Video Profits Fastlane

Simon Hodgkinson – Video Profits Fastlane

Name Product: Simon Hodgkinson – Video Profits Fastlane

Sale Page:

Price: $8.95

Why Video Sales Letter Work…  The Real Secret…

Using a video sales letter overcomes the primary FLAW of every long-form sales letter you’ll read online – (and yes they all have it no matter how highly paid the copywriter)

It’s this…

In a perfect sales situation, you never reveal the price until your prospective customer truly understands the value your product represents. That way, they can make a proper judgement with the net result being you enjoy more sales.

But a written sales letter enables the reader to scroll down and immediately see the price without reading the letter and so they can miss the true value of your offer.

If your product is good (and I’m sure it is) then because your prospect sees the price first they can easily make the wrong decision and deny themselves the benefits of owning it and depriving you of a sale and a new client.

But not so with video, because…

Video Puts YOU In The Driver’s Seat


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