Simple Pickup - Project GO ( Compact ) Month 1-31

Simple Pickup – Project GO ( Compact ) Month 1-31

Videos current as of 10/22/14 – Podcasts + QnA

Everybody needs a little refinement. We’ll show you how to confidently approach, interact, and attract women. No douchbaggery, no cringe-worthy formulas, no step-by-step-tactics. Guaranteed. You’ll get the lady of your dreams by simply being your awesome self. Trust us.

Simple Pickup are three ordinary-looking Southern California guys – Jason, Jesse and Kong . The slickly produced episodes are spent coming up with outrageous-yet-honest ways to flirt with women on the street in the pursuit of phone numbers, and they collect many of them.

The threesome also offer tips on how to talk to women, such as making eye contact. Just from Kong’s LOL-inducing impersonation of Mystery, I can see they’re well aware of the seduction community, and much like Jon Stewart, they straddle the line between entertainment and information. Their popularity is undeniable — they’ve got almost 130,000 subscribers.


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