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Site Stealer

Site Stealer

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You Get All 5 Levels of the Site Stealer Program

Level 1: The Easy Grab – More than 50% of your online business depends on this very small thing. It’s easier than you think to just grab this ‘one sentence’ from super-successful sites, make a few changes, and BADA BING – BADA BOOM – you’re in business! I give you the ‘lock pick’ and show you how to ‘pick the lock’
Level 2: The Swipe and Run – Forget just the one sentence – take the whole page! The site’s makin’ money, right? So why not take the most important page in the entire process, have it retrofitted for your own purposed and … HELLO!!! You’re in!
Level 3: Knock Over the Whole Store – This one’s a little bit more dangerous than the other two. But I’ll show you how to just steal the whole freakin’ store right out from under ‘em just like my boy Wayne Huizenga did over at Blockbuster Video – he looked at McDonald’s and said “AYYY – FUGGEDABOUTIT – I’m gonna do the same thing with movie rentals”! It’s easier than ever online – heh heh.
Level 4: Make ‘em Give You The Keys – No strong armin’ here. Nothin’ illegal. But this is the best deal on the planet! Picture this – a site that’s already converting like crazy, makin’ the guy a few hundred bucks a day or more, and then you come along and say “lookie here” – and grab the whole thing for yourself!! Heh heh. (I ain’t talkin’ about affiliate marketing, here, pallie – you get the site – 100% of the sale goes to you. Ayyy – what’d I say before? Fuggedabout it!)
Level 5: Turn the Tables – This is where you become the boss yourself and let people think they’re stealin’ from you – in the meantime – you get a piece of all the action. You can’t just jump straight into this though – need to get the respect from the family first.

In addition to $278 of Surprise Bonuses, you’ll also get…
Free 30 Minute Profit Creation Consultation – $197 Value
Regardless of where you are in your business… whether you’re just starting out and this is your first educational marketing product ever or you’re an experienced marketer not quite making the kind of money what you want or spending more time than you wanted…

You’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone with a profit creation expert who will help to map out a plan of success for you. This will be an intense call where one of the experts will ask you a series of questions and then give you some great advice. This is a one-on-one call, not a group call or anything like that. You don’t even need to come prepared…we do the preparing for you.
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