Social Optimizer + OTOs

Social Optimizer + OTOs

For the first time ever, an all-in-one automated system with direct FB ads integration that will allow your users to automatically track data and important metrics across every single campaign a user runs with Facebook ads across any platform online. All of this under one dashboard, to get a clear view of their business performance and their important numbers and metrics.



FE – Social Optimizer – $37

  • Advanced Sales Tracking
  • This software is the first platform to bridge the gap between Facebook ads and every single other platform around to provide aggregated performance results under one dashboard.
  • 24/7 Realtime ROI Calculation
  • Whether you are currently spending hours inserting data into spreadsheets every morning or running numbers through your head (big mistake), just to know where your campaigns stand or whether you’re hiring someone to do this for you (costing you money), you can now eliminate that process completely! Sit back, take a sip of your coffee and analyse your stats directly from our dashboard.
  • True Lifetime Accuracy
  • Errors while manually inserting data from hundreds of ad sets and campaigns daily are unavoidable. Our software guarantees 100% accuracy so you can focus on what matters… Growth.
  • One Click Integration
  • Don’t worry about any complicated installation. Our web-based software allows you to integrate your Facebook ad accounts with one click (we also have one-click integration with Shopify for convenience)!
  • Endless Metrics
  • Not only does our software calculate your ROI, but it includes detailed statistics on every single one of your campaigns, right down to ad sets or campaign levels. Focusing on scaling and growth has never been easier.
  • Organizational Dream
  • Sorting through hundreds of sheets and tabs can be a logistical nightmare, trying to find one piece of campaign information. Using our software, everything is securely organized and easy to find.
  • Extra Costs/Income Included
  • Factoring in extra income or expenses such as shipping costs, merchant fees, labour and more is essential to knowing your real numbers but it’s a mission to calculate. We handle this for you!

OTO1 – Social Spy Optimizer – $67

  • Automate The Entire Facebook Ad Targeting & Competitor Research Process With Our Custom 5-in-1 Software

OTO2 – SocialOptimizer White Label License – $197

  • Get your very own white label license to Social Optimizer. Now you can rebrand this brand new technology as your own and re-sell it for 100% of the profits and keep all your own leads!

OTO3 – Social Optimizer Outsourcer’s License – $47

  • Easily add in client accounts or virtual assistant accounts into Social Optimizer!

GB Name: Social Optimizer + OTOs

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GB Price: $348

GB Cost: 17.5$/20 Peoples

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