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Spirit in Business- Profit More From Your Core – Irina Baker (18.mp3’s, 1.html file set) 2014

Spirit in Business- Profit More From Your Core – Irina Baker (18.mp3’s, 1.html file set) 2014

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If you believe or are wondering if there is more to mere physical existence, that there is
a higher power that can do wonders in your life, and yet,
• you feel alone and unsupported in growing your business and living your life;
• If you keep knocking on closed doors and missing lucrative opportunities;
• If you spent your hard-earned money faster than you make it;
• If it takes forever to see any tangible high-end results, and you are told to be patient,
• Or you simply want to grow your business with less effort and more abundant results, you are in the right place.
IMAGINE Your Trusted Higher Power
• Reveals your business calling
• Guides you step by step in the right direction
• Opens the right doors
• Finds lucrative opportunities effortlessly
• Inspires one elegant move yielding extraordinary results
But what’s more important is you FEEL and KNOW you are NOT ALONE!
The new successful business is all about making Spirit your active business partner and using spiritual principles in the daily activities, and that’s where this powerful virtual training is so handy.
According to the greatest motivator Zig Ziglar, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”
To get amazing results, not only you need to implement but also make these universal principles a life-long habit. Now you can have Spirit in Business as your inspirational and very practical tool in your business success toolbox.
Entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life have been singing accolades to the inspiring practical cutting-edge information. This knowledge can make a difference between your struggling in doing business along, making tons of mistakes and being “armed” with the most powerful strategies to have a blast while making tons of money.
Will you agree that we all love hearing and identifying with personal examples of others so We, in turn, can stand on “their shoulders” and choose the best knowledge that will work for our personal and financial success? Spirit is calling on you, loud and clear! It is that excited butterfly in the pit of your stomach; that tension in your body nudging you to explore and leap, quiet inner voice guiding you in the right direction and protecting you from missteps. All of it, the guidance and protection have always been there: inside. But you have to hear, follow and trust!
During our profoundly inspirational virtual training event, you will be reminded, taught and encouraged to take a personal quantum leap in inviting Spirit to become your partner and never ever grow your business alone anymore.
Meet the Spirit In Business Summit Speakers
Irina Baker
Sacred Opening Ceremony
Angela Mandato
Angela is an Evolution Facilitator, Metis Clan Mother, Mystic and Shaman. She has studied with many wisdom keepers and healers
from around the world and uses her intuitive gifts to support humanity in a variety of ways. She takes people to Peru and other
sacred sites for deep healing and transformation.
Irina Baker
I talked about the important steps of starting any business project so everything would move in an easy and very productive way.
Nikkea Devida
Nikkea shared with us her powerful system of working with the subconscious mind in changing beliefs in a speedy way.
Saniel Bonder
Saniel Bonder explained where soul is located in the human body.
Maribel Jimenez
Maribel passionately talked about her old way of doing business (the hard way), comparing it with her new way, when she had
invited Spirit to be her active partner and miracles started happening. Just amazing!
Maria Serbina, M.B.A.
Maria focused on the connection with the Divine through the herb kingdom.
Robin Walters
Robin’s story of Divine Intervention brought tears to my eyes.
Halle Eavelyn
Halle described her two profound moments of spiritual awakening so if something like that would ever happen to you,
you would know what it is.
Linda P. Jones
Linda explained why it is important to charge higher for your service,cand what is soul level wealth.
Gina Hiatt, Ph.D.
Gina is a powerful example for those who want to bring spirituality into their lives.
Listen and be inspired!
Wini Curley
Wini focused on the balance of giving and receiving.
Her personal story will make your heart melt.
Rochéle Lawson, R.N., AHP, CMS
Rochele explained amazing Aurvedic principles, and how to use them in your life.
Yvonne St. Louis
Yvonne reminded us how to keep our hearts open and connect on the heart level.
A must in business and life!
Christa O’Leary, MA, MFT
Christa shared how to create balance and harmony in your home.
Where to start and what to avoid.
Amy Pearson
Amy explained the importance of avoiding an “approval trap” and what to choose instead.
Laura Gisborne
Laura informed us that when you are millionaire, you will think the same way
in your business as when you are still getting there.
In the long run, it is all about service.
Gloria Andrioli
Gloria explained how to think with your heart and feel with your head.
An interesting concept, right? Make sure you don’t miss it!
About your host Irina Baker
Irina is a transformational healing expert, master hypnotherapist and author.
Having had her full share of traumatic experiences in life, Irina used to live in constant fear and dissatisfaction, skillfully playing a “Victim” with a capital V. She believed that the destiny “assigned to her” was about hard life, struggle, loneliness, unhappy relationships, fear and powerlessness.
In 1996, Irina experienced a profound spiritual awakening, having realized that she is the only one personally responsible for everything in her life: the beautiful and the ugly. This amazing moment set in motion Irina’s new path of intense healing and spiritual realization. Irina made a heart-felt commitment to change her life. Instead, she changed herself and her life improved accordingly. Deliberately using her spiritual understanding and powerful tools, Irina manifested a harmonious relationship, radiant health, abundance, beautiful house, discovered her soul mission and is fulfilling it by helping people to change themselves, overcome their life challenges and manifest their dream results.
Committed to a life-long learning, Irina holds three Master’s degrees. In addition, in her quest to fulfill her soul mission, Irina has been trained in spiritual studies, holistic wellness and hypnosis. One of a handful of certified Life Between Lives Therapists in the world, trained by a world-known Michael Newton Institute, Irina has been successfully working with local and international clients.
Whether conducting hypnosis sessions, teaching at a college level, mentoring, public speaking, mental health counseling or designing and leading popular workshops, Irina always earns her reputation at being gifted at navigating the internal world of beliefs and feelings, inspiring and helping people connect with their intuition, discover their soul purpose and create more joy in their lives.
As a result of Irina’s work with numerous clients and students and her own healing path, Irina’s book The Keys to Freedom: The Guide to Personal Power was born. Endorsed by Lee Carroll, the author of famous Indigo Children and the Kryon series, the book offers a proven system of facilitating personal healing, overcoming life challenges and raising one’s vibration to the level of joy, peace and high personal value.

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