Steve Nison – Candle Charting Essentials & Beyond Vol 1 & 2

Steve Nison – Candle Charting Essentials & Beyond Vol 1 & 2

COST: $890
Author: Steve Nison
Size: 4.78 GB

The “Candle Charting Essentials & Beyond” (Volumes 1 and 2 of the Educational Series) DVD Training Program is the equivalent of a 2-day seminar on Steve’s “Trading Triad” principles of Candlesticks, Western Technicals, and Trade Management.  The training you’ll receive will take you from the beginning to a strong intermediate level of candlestick knowledge and ability.

Simple And Easy For Any Trader To Quickly Master

Volume 1 The Candles is 4 parts.
Volume 2 The West is 3 parts plus Trade Management.
This is what is printed on the DVD’s labels:

Disc 1 The Candles – Part 1
The Framework
Construction and Benefits of Candles
Real Bodies and Shadows

Disc 2 The Candles – Part 2
Bull and Bear Single Candle Lines
Single Candle Lines – The Bull Signals
Single Candle Lines – The Bear Signals

Disc 3 The Candles – Part 3
Bull and Bear Double Candle Lines
Double Candle Lines – The Bull Signals
Double Candle Lines – The Bear Signals

Disc 4 The Candles – Part 4
Using the Insights of Triple Candle Lines
Continuation Candles including Windows

Disc 5 The West – Part 1
Importance of Western Tools
Candles and Trend Lines

Disc 6 The West – Part 2
Candles and Volume
Candles and Bollinger Bands
Candles and Oscillators

Disc 7 The West – Part 3
The Disparity Index
Record Sessions
Candles and Retracements
Candles and Price Patterns

Disc 8 Trade Management
Protective Stops
Price Targets
Importance of Trend
If…Then Rule
Adapting to the Market



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