Stuart Lichtman - Super Achiever Coaching Program

Stuart Lichtman – Super Achiever Coaching Program

Nowadays, this program is $5,950.


(This is the average first try success rate among the particpants in the last five SACP’s who did at least most of the assigned work.)

“I promise I can show you how to get the things you’ve always wanted— no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed— even and especially if you don’t believe that’s really possible for you right now.

My “objective” for each and every Participant in the SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program is simple and powerful:

You SET a Perfect 10 objective and…


And I have consistently successfully achieved that objective. (Over 95% of SACP participants who do most of the assigned work are at least successful in achieving their Perfect 10 objective first try and 100% of those who do most of the assigned work are successful second try.)

And you can do that again and again, easily and for the greatest good of yourself and all concerned with any and every Target you choose for The Rest of Your Life!”

— Stuart Lichtman

SUPER ACHIEVER TeleSeminar Topics:

Prior to every TeleSeminar, each participant will have available a set of weekly presentation documents that they’ll be using to follow along with Stuart’s presentation.

Prior to each TeleCoaching session, the participants will receive a suggested program of Practices and Activities for the up-coming the week.

* Week 1 Effectively creating imaginary experiences. Creating a Wish List of your overall life and your associated Key Blockers.

* Week 2 Creating a Wish List of the area of your life that is pivotal and identifying your associated Key Blockers. Preliminarily identifying your SA objective.

* Week 3 Creating and most effectively using your Inner Anchor Point. Refinement of your preliminary objective into a Final One. The Raising Your Unconscious Performance Limit and Identifying Your Financial Unconscious Performance Limit. The First Steps in Building Your Success Team.

* Week 4 What Are Subpersonalities? The Building Your Success Team Process. Identifying Relevant Subpersonalities. How to more efficiently and effectively do the Base Reframing process.

* Week 5 Building Your Success Team. The Sub-Personality Negotiation Process. Effectively Using Your Success Team. Finalizing Your objective.

* Week 6 The Rapidly Finding and Becoming Employed in Your Perfect Job Process. The Manifesting Your Entrepreneurial Potential Process.

* Week 7 Using the Target Process to transform your CT Super Achievement objective into an effective Super Achievement Target. How to Identify Key Elements and Associated Memories. Tuning-Up the Associated Memories so that they Perfectly Define What You Intuitively Mean by Your Key Elements. Using the Time-Tripping Process to Straighten the Path.

* Week 8 Ensuring Effective Implementation of the Target Process. Effectively Framing Blockers for Base Reframings and SA Clearing Processes. Helping the Conscious Mind to Make Sense of Base Reframing Memories. Effectively Tuning-Up Base Reframing Memories. Root Normal Blockers.

* Week 9 Practicing Effectively. Psychic Attacks. Introduction to Implants. Introduction to Cell-Level Memories.

* Week 10 Building Skill Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams and Merged Reframe Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams. Effectively Using All Types of Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams. The Clearing Implants Process.

* Week 11 Ensuring that You Avoid Any of the Four Mistakes that Would Cause You to Fail to Achieve Your objective. Review of Clearing Implants. The Clearing Cell-Level Memories Process.

* Week 12 Review of the Clearing Cell-Level Memories Process. Introduction to the Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor Process. The Super Achievement Clearing Process. Effectively using unconscious feedback to refine your Target and your practice.

* Week 13 Identifying and resolving Blockers associated with Practice and with successfully achieving your objective. Refining your Target and your Practice. Building Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams and using them along with your Success Team to accelerate your progress. The Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor Process. Ensuring that You Get the Benefits of the Cell-Level Memory Clearing Process.

* Week 14 Review of the Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor Process. Evaluating Progress and Effectively Handling Lack of Progress. The Multiple objectives Process. The Rolling objectives Process.

* Week 15 Review of Evaluating Progress and Effectively Handling Lack of Progress. The Positive Temporal Recycling. The HouseCleaning Process.

* Week 16 The Optimum Learning Process.

* Week 17 Simplifying/Personalizing the CT Processes to Make Them Yours.

* Week 18 Evaluating your success in achieving your SA objective, Debugging your process so you do even better next time.


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