Stuart Walker – 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks with OTO

Stuart Walker – 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks with OTO

Stuart Walker – 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks with OTO

Name Product: Stuart Walker – 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks

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Inside you’ll discover . . .

How to pick high converting digital products you can sell over and over to make huge profits.

Understanding why people buy them
How to build trust and credibility so people will buy them from YOU
Why delivering value is critical to your success and how to do it
How to check out vendors so you know ahead of time if they’ll damage your reputation
How to look for products that solve people’s problems
A simple question you can use to decide whether a product is one you should sell – [my granny loved this one :)]

Traffic – why it’s important and where to get it from

Why sending direct traffic is like committing marketing suicide
Why offering ‘freebies’ can hurt, not help your business
Free traffic sources you can use to advertise in today
The #1 top-performing traffic source for affiliate sales– it might not be what you think it is!
Paid traffic advertising – How to calculate the risk factor so you don’t lose your shirt

How to Build Your Email List

Do’s & Don’ts that can hugely affect performance
How to write emails that get opened more often
Simple strategies you can use to improve CTR’s
2 human emotions that will compel more people to click your links & how to use them
A simple yet profound strategy to double your click rates & sales
The surprising truth about adding image links to your emails
6 email promo campaigns that consistently lead to sales & signups
The most critical thing you need to do with every single email campaign – (without this you may as well be throwing pizza at the wall to see if it sticks!)
How often should you email your list? (The answer may surprise you)
How to organize your email list to boost conversion rates & minimize complaints or cancellations


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