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StyleLife Academy Master the Game Pack

StyleLife Academy Master the Game Pack

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February 3, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA


You’ve reached this page, because you’ve decided that in 2012 you’ll get the dating and sex life you deserve. And because you accepted the Stylelife Challenge 2012 and I want you to succeed, read on and discover the surprise I have in store for you.

Before I started to learn the game, I often thought, “If only I knew what to say I’d talk to that pretty girl right now.” Or when I was talking to her I thought, “I’m just chatting about boring stuff I need to say something interesting to make her like me.” Or even “I think she wants to kiss, but I’m not sure how to make it happen!”

Then I spent years and a fortune seeking out and learning from the best PUA and seduction gurus in the world to find the answer to these questions. Because I realized that creating attraction is a process and pick-up artists use routines to do that.

Pick-up artist routines ensure you always get to the NEXT LEVEL with a woman. They keep you from being speechless, stuck in the friend zone, and from being rejected. The 4 routines of the 2012 Stylelife Challenge only scratch the surface…

As a Stylelife 2012 Challenge participant I am giving you full access to everything I know and everything learned in “The Game”:

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