StyleLife Academy – Style’s Attraction and Seduction System

StyleLife Academy – Style’s Attraction and Seduction System

Inside Style’s Attraction and Seduction System you’ll learn how to approach women, build instant attraction and irresistible rapport, and finally give a girl the night of her dreams. And you don’t have to change or pretend to be someone you are not.

On DVD #1 “Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts” you’ll discover the concepts of how to make any woman chase you by demonstrating high value and triggering her attraction switches. Using this eternal attraction principle you’ll understand how the science of attraction works (and never end up in the friend zone again).

On DVD #2 “Fundamentals of Approaching and Opening” you’ll find out how to approach any woman at any time in any location with maximum attraction effect in a step by step process. You’ll learn how to easily strike up a conversation, melt away her defenses, get her interested and never run out of things to say. You’ll discover how to instinctively know what to say next to amplify the chemistry she’s feeling. Plus you’ll see actual filmed approaches of pick-up artists opening women in the field.

On DVD #3 “Take Your Game to The Next Level” you will learn my method for building up your inner game so that your own personality ultimately becomes an attraction factor. This works especially, if you are super shy or not naturally extroverted and outgoing. I will show you how to avoid low value mistakes and feel an entirely new level of confidence in any type of social situation. I also will share with you the “secret sauce” of my personally perfected routines.

On DVD #4 “Complete Guide To Disqualification” you’ll be handed an entire arsenal of “Chick Crack” and learn the art of disqualification (teasing, bantering and flirting) – James Bond Style – broken down into easily understandable steps. You’ll discover how you magically can change a relationship from a stranger to potential lover. This essential skill will give you the challenging “mental frame” women crave.

On DVD #5 “Generate Your Own Stories, Routines and Build Rapport”
After you started a conversation what do you say next? What are the smooth things to tell a woman to pump up her attraction levels? In this video tutorial you’ll learn the tools to convey your own personality and stories to a woman and connect with her so that she feels as if she has known you forever and forms a deep attachment to you in her mind.

On DVD #6. “Deep Connections and Employing a Call to Action” you’ll discover how to create an intense and powerful connection that’s been missing with every other guy in her life. She’ll be feeling as if you crawled into her mind and are reading her thoughts. You will discover how to give women a reason to WANT YOU NOW. And I’ll show you how to use “Verbal Foreplay” to make a woman feel that she must seduce you now, imagining the two of you naked and you treating her like the bad girl she longs to be.

As you can see, Style’s Attraction and Seduction System is a complete system that allows you …

• Approach the kind of woman you’ve always wanted without fear of rejection.
• Quickly and nearly instantly create attraction in a woman that she can’t control.
• Easily know what a woman wants and needs to get intimate with you and give it to her.

But that’s not all! In Style’s Attraction and Seduction System I’ll show you …

• How you get a specific woman addicted to you.
• How you eliminate your fear of rejection once and for all – no matter how shy you are.
• How you to turn your personality into an irresistible attraction trigger.
• How to boost her arousal and make her want to seduce you.
• How to escape the friend zone.
• How to make subtle comments that trick her into flirting with you.
• How to recover from those moments when you stall out or your mind goes blank.
• How you create an unbreakable emotional bond so that she stays hooked on you.

Duration: 3h 33mn

StyleLife Academy – Advanced Kino and Massage with Gypsy

The techniques on this DVD will show you how to bridge that invisible TOUCHING gap between you and a woman. It will teach you how to seamlessly move from light playful touching to massage all the way to kissing and beyond.

• One guiding principle that will make women more comfortable with your touch
• How to create an environment conducive to kino escalation that appeals to all of a woman’s senses
• The secret to telling a DHV story to root your kino massage
• A pressure point technique you use in isolation at a bar or on a Day Two to open her up to your touch and her touching you
• How to get her to give you a massage!
• Why always having two hands on a women will alleviate her nervous tension
• A seductive transition from massage to kiss close
• Why you want to SEED that you’ve learned massage before offering a woman a massage
• A introduction to hand reflexology, a unique way to safely kino a woman
• How to cold read a woman’s body based on the tension in her hand
• A never fail transition from hand massage to kiss close
• Built in kino escalation that moves from the hand, up the arm, to her face and lips
• Gypsy’s Chakra kiss close that ties into massage and cold reading

Duration: 36mn

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