Summer McStravick - Flowdreaming for Perfect Mental and Physical Health

Summer McStravick – Flowdreaming for Perfect Mental and Physical Health

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Do you want better health? Do you want fewer illnesses, or to recover swiftly from a health-issue you currently have? Using your mind, you can support your body by creating new “energy blueprints” that mandate excellent, robust health and vitality from the inner body outward.

This CD was designed to support people who want to do everything they can to help their bodies stay in–or return to–perfect health. Whether you need a lift from depression, or to heal after surgery or a long-term illness, or even just to lose a few pounds by aligning your body back into its perfect, natural rhythm, then you’ll love the vivid, super-focused scenarios that focus on these desires.

Each track is designed to lead you into an intense, highly emotional, daydream-like state from within which you create a mental conduit into deeper energies, from which you can begin impacting your health through the power of the Flow.

Over soft music, Summer leads you in a soothing yet vibrant way into your Flow. Flowdreaming is NOT meditation, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how actively involved you become in the richly detailed scenarios she evokes.

People all over the world have reported stunning results by combining this CD with their current health practices. In particular, dieters have used Track 3, “Manifesting Perfect Health,” to help them align their energy state to support their desire to lose weight.

Use this CD to:

Develop perfect physical and mental health
Heal your body after trauma or surgery
Create a peaceful, balanced mind free from anxiety, depression, or worry
Heal and repair any part of your body
Build strong bodily immunity and stamina
Create absolute health point-by-point through all your body’s systems

1. Introduction (2:55)
2. Positive Flow (15:10)
3. Manifesting Perfect Health (18:51)
4. Releasing Depression, Worry, and Anxiety (17:04)
5. Powerful Healing and Repair (16:44)

The “art of Flowdreaming,” as Summer calls her trademarked program, is a technique for manifesting that’s intensely practical and extremely powerful. It’s also a riveting philosophy that helps explain the role of our consciousness in shaping our lives. At its heart, Flowdreaming teaches you how to define and program your future and how to interact with the living energies of our world to your best advantage. It preaches the principles of ease, bounty, and flow as our natural state, and shows us how consciousness is the energy that bridges the physical and non-physical and is what positions the people and situations in our lives.



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