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Tad James – Presenting Magically [10 MP3s]

Tad James – Presenting Magically [10 MP3s]


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Author: Tad James
Size: 435.76 MB
These mp3s are the audio recordings of Tad and Adriana James conducting a workshop on Presenting Magically. The workshop was a pre-convention event for the American Board of Hypnotherapy’s annual convention. It was recorded at Newport Beach, CA, in 2003.

Original Sales Copy:

Have you ever been enthralled by a masterful presenter or trainer? Have you longed to effortlessly entertain and motivate your audience just as they seemed to do? At one time it was considered that such captivating performances were possible only if you were one of the fortunate, ‘natural-born’ presenters. Now, with the application of advanced human communication technologies such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Accelerated Learning, everyone can learn to present magically. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned professional, Presenting Magically will provide you with masterful tips and techniques that will transform your presenting skills. Introducing you to the secrets of many of the world’s top presenters, this, the most comprehensive book available on the application of NLP to presentation, explores:how to adopt the beliefs and attitudes of master presenters; how to become calm, balanced and centred; how to connect with your audience; how to structure your language for optimum effect; how to handle hecklers; how to use metaphor; how to use gesture to access the unconscious mind of the viewer; how to use and own the stage; how to elicit states from your audience and anchor them; how to structure presentations to fit everyone’s learning style; how to to grab the audience’s attention and keep it.

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