Ted Morter - Window To The Mind

Ted Morter – Window To The Mind

Achieve success by using the power of your subconscious mind.

Using key principles taught by Dr. Ted Morter, IV, Window to the Mind is an easy-to-follow, common sense approach to using the power of your thoughts to shape your life and success.

This course teach people about how their past experiences are still controlling their present life. When we grasp the idea that our world is all energy, then we begin to pay closer attention to how we move that energy in our daily life. Our mind serves as an amazing bridge between this world of physical reality and the energetic world of possibility. The course is specifically designed to give people an instruction manual to maximize and harness the vibrational power generated from the mind.

Main course:

Five module course consisting of audio lessons and accompanying workbook lessons

This course is systematically designed to teach anyone how to build powerful SET Points and Install Them Onto Your Subconscious Hard Drive and use them to achieve long lasting health, happiness and success!

Disc 1
– First Lesson
– Dr. Ted’s Introduction
– It’s All Energy
– Thoughts Are Things
Disc 2
– The Mind is a Radio Tower
– The Conscious and Subconscious Trap Door (see accompanying pictures)
– S.E.T. Points
– The Limbic Brain
Disc 3
– The Coin of Success
– The Radar Screen
– Feel Good Now
Disc 4
– Define Your Dream
– The Power of Imagination
– Dream Boards
– Dream Building
– Visual Imprinting
Disc 5
– Tie It All Together


1. Fast Blast Audios

2. The Six Battlegrounds You Fight On Everyday

This bonus module highlights the six key areas in your daily life where you make decisions that help you get closer to achieving your dream life.

With this knowledge you will find yourself progressing much faster in all your pursuits.

You must know where the battleground is if you want to win the battle!

3. The Epigenetic Code

This bonus module exposes the myth about your genetics.

It is common knowledge that you inherit genes from your family lineage, but did you know that you also inherit energetically?

The environment we live in influences our genes, and the energies we adopt from our lineage play an important role in this.


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