Larry Crane (Release Technique) - The Abundance Course

Larry Crane (Release Technique) – The Abundance Course

The Abundance Course IS the Release Technique, the original Release Technique Method as taught by Lester Levenson.
What Would You Like To Change In Your Life
Right Now?

Do you often feel “tense”? Is stress coursing through your veins and eating you alive? Are you suffering from an illness, ailment… or health challenge… that you would like to get rid of? Would you like more energy? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the increasing speed of the “conveyor belt” of life? Would you like to start making a lot more money… without having to work longer hours… or work any harder? Does the thought that you can have effortless abundance, at all times, excite you?

If so, here’s just a “taster” of how the Release® Technique WILL help you:

You’ll be able to have all the money you want — regardless of your age, job, business… or… a rotten economy!

You’ll dramatically and quickly improve your health – without any dangerous drugs… or… costly health care treatment… including…

Lowering blood pressure: Julius LaMar dramatically reduced his high blood pressure: 230/180 to 125/88 in 3 short months.
“Turning back the clock” on your appearance: Peggy Theil reports, in less than 2 months she looked ten years younger. She sent us before and after pictures, to prove it.
Safely melt away ugly body fat for permanent weight loss: Bill Shanahan from New York lost 38 pounds, in two months.
Letting go of deadly and self-destructive addictions: Paul Mendez of New York eliminated the anxiety that drove him to smoke and FINALLY quit.
Enjoy being naturally relaxed in normally “high stress” situations: Greg Worsley reports: “My former ‘high tension killer days’ are now enjoyable. Thank you.”

Just have fun, laughter and love all the time: A top executive reports, “I laughed more the evening of the first day I used the ability, than I had in years. Thank you for giving me and my son a precious evening to remember.”
You’ll easily be able to “let go” of any “charged” feelings “on the spot” – including fears, phobias, anxiety, stress and panic attacks… and you will never again have to suffer the indignity of “sharing your problems” with a counsellor or therapist.
You’ll naturally enter into the “flow-state” and finally become a WINNER in life – all resistance and self-doubt will melt away… and all your goals will be “pulled” into your life without you having to bust a gut trying to attain them!

You’ll be able to easily “discharge” any emotional agony or jealously raging inside you… especially if your lover has left you. Once you get rid of the “inner turmoil” that’s eating away at your sanity – you immediately become “untouchable” to the “broken heart syndrome” making you 100% at peace and infinitely more desirable to be around!

The Release® Technique Will Also
Help You To…

Get out of “zombie mode” so you are in total control of your life!
Easily drop “killer” habits such as procrastination and “mentally beating yourself up” – these “evil twins” are the culprits that are keeping you from living life on your terms!
Take the needle off the “poor me story” playing on the “turntable of your mind”!
Throw dumb “knee jerk” reactions into touch… maintaining your sanity, inner calmness, “balance” and resourcefulness… even when under extreme pressure… and it seems that everyone else on the planet has been put here with a mission to “screw up” your life!
Enjoy unlimited peace of mind and perpetual happiness – no matter what events are happening in your life, or the world!
Look, I could go on for another couple of hours. But, the truth is: the Release® Technique allows any person to prosper personally, physically, romantically and financially, anywhere in the world, even during severe personal and financial “disasters”!

It is a scientific method for capturing major financial and personal advantages everywhere, 24 hours a day. And, it is so revolutionary; it will shock you with its POWER, SIMPLICITY, SPEED and EFFECTIVENESS.

That sure is a lot of promising isn’t it?

Well, I guess it is – so you might like to check out all the amazing but genuine testimonials from real people like you at the foot of this page. But for now, here’s something else to ponder:

NOTHING Is Impossible To The Person Who
Refuses To Listen To Their Mind!

Does that sound like a bunch of baloney? Actually, it is not.

However, I know all this may seem too good to be true, right now. There are so many self-development and personal growth programs out there promising you the world – and for the most part they get you all dressed-up with nowhere to go. That’s why, If you’ve been round the self-development block a few times… and… you’ve “bought into” just about every “success” program on the planet… I know you must be extremely skeptical.

Maybe this stuff seems just a little too “far out” for you right now.

That’s okay.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. That is why, I would like… (with your strict permission)… to send you a package that contains an audio recording of the Release® Technique — (complete with 20 sessions on 10 audio tapes or CD’s of me personally guiding you through the entire process of using the Release® Technique in all areas of your life; housed in an attractive vinyl album together with an accompanying 93-page release workbook).

Once you are in possession of this package, you’ll have your very own “first-class ticket” to abundant wealth, success, and unlimited joy… with zero stress!

And, in case you’re wondering, this package – guiding you through the Release® Technique – is called:

“The Abundance Course”.

Why is it called, “The Abundance Course” and, how is it so different and unique to any other kind of success-system or technique?

The answer is simple: For one thing, it does not require you to already have any kind of belief system or philosophy. It’s not a “set of rules” you have to live by. Instead, it’s a complete practical experimental step-by-step process that is easy to learn and effortless to practice to get the results you desire.

What is more: The Release® Technique is an original system. It does what no other course, seminar, book or program can do. It provides participants with an easy to use, portable technique that can be applied anywhere, at any time — (without having to “take time out”) — to identify and eliminate negative feelings, assumptions and limiting behaviors. You’ll learn to let go of these unwanted emotions as they arise, then release the negative energy — right on the spot — without getting overwhelmed or “beating yourself up”. More: It also allows people to set and achieve new goals and, above all, HAVE THEM – (including the one’s you’d all but given up on!).
Finally: Unlike any other self-help program that exists, the Release® Technique works at your core level — your feeling level. It is unlike anything you will have experienced before. It is NOT “happy clappy” motivational stuff. It is NOT psychology, philosophy, therapy, positive thinking, subliminal programming, meditation or anything that requires memory or study.

Anyone can learn to use the Release® Technique in a matter of minutes no matter what their background, financial situation, education or age – (it’s even been successfully taught to 5-year old kids!).

I guess the best way to sum it up is this:

It Guides You Through The Effortless Process
Of Pulling Up The “Menu Of Your Mind”…
And… NATURALLY “Letting Go” Of Any
(And Every) “Anti Program” Lurking In You
That Is Putting An “Invisible Blocker” On The
Success And Happiness You Secretly Crave!

Unfortunately, from the age of about 5 we habitually suppress many feelings… and these then act as: SELF-SABOTAGE PROGRAMS. Just like a computer with a virus. Take the virus out of the computer and the computer works perfectly with ease. Take the self-sabotaging programs out of the subconscious mind… and… SHAZAAM… everything in your life will start working out perfectly with ease.

That’s why motivation stuff, positive thinking, affirmations and traditional goal setting rarely work for most people. In truth: Until and unless you get rid of the self-sabotaging negativity program lurking in your mind – it doesn’t matter what “success formula” or “self-help program” you use – it will NEVER work. Why? Because: The self-sabotage program “eats up” all the positives and “spits them out”!

In all honesty… The Abundance Course makes every other success or self-help program obsolete. And if you do currently use any other form of self-growth technique, The Abundance Course will make it 1000-times more powerful – allowing you to have abundance in all areas of your life (including money, health, peace of mind… and, wonderful, loving relationships).

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is. But, like Lester said when I first met him: “Don’t believe a word I say, take it for checking.”

Also includes several additional recordings from Larry Crane that he sells seperately for graduates of the course.



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