The Basic SEO Bootcamp – Fundamentals Course

The Basic SEO Bootcamp – Fundamentals Course

Name Product: The Basic SEO Bootcamp – Fundamentals Course

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Any single aspect of SEO, Social Media, Mobile Search, Local Search or PPC can be confusing enough. Trying to synchronize them all can make heads explode! …but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ironically, it’s the complexity that gives you an advantage. Remember, if it were easy, anyone could do it. But because it’s complex, you can soar where others crash and burn. But you DO have to understand the complexities. This is where The Basic SEO Bootcamp comes to the rescue.

Simply put, this is a crash course in all things search. It’s purpose is to bring you completely up to speed … ready to SEO a Web site’s presence with the enthusiasm that comes from knowing exactly what your doing … confidence gained from having a mastermind support system firmly in place whenever you need assistance in finding answers fast.


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