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Ben Gay III – The Closers I & I

 The Closers I & II – Ben Gay III

COST: $399= Your Free
Author: Ben Gay
Size: 922 MB
Website: http://www.bfg3.com/closers12.asp

Ben Gay III – The Closers I & II

“The Closers” is 10 chapters and 278 pages of powerful information. It includes the 20 greatest closes and 15 buyer objections and forty-five red hot closer responses.

Something that stood out for me occurred in the chapter on how a closer thinks. The author states that if you take out the letter “c” out of closer it spells loser. The “c” stands for confidence, compassion, control and courage. Strong point!

** Ben Gay III – The Closers (The Original Sales Closer’s Bible)
This is the 7 CD audio book of The Closers. Sells for 199. One of the best books ever written on closing. This is the Part I audio book.
“The Closers Part 1,” the keystone of Ben Gay III’s world-famous series of books, newsletters and seminars is the most powerful book on selling ever written. With over 2,000,000 copies sold since it was first published in 1980, it explains selling the way it really is, not the way some salespeople wish it was. If you have only one book on selling in your personal library, make sure it’s this “sales closers bible”! Comes with 8 CDs.

** Ben Gay III – The Closers Part 2
“The Closers-Part 2 picks up where the original “The Closers Part 1 ” leaves off. Beyond the set closes, planned presentations and objection nullifications contained in the first book, “The Closers-Part 2 shows you what successful, sophisticated salespeople really do with all of that basic information. If “The Closers Part 1 ” original book can double your income (it has for many salespeople!), “The Closers-Part 2 can double it again! Comes with 6 CDs.

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