The Complete SEO Blueprint 2016

 The Complete SEO Blueprint 2016

 The Complete SEO Blueprint 2016

What are the requirements?

  • No experience is needed
  • English skills
  • Basic computer skills

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 210 lectures and 15 hours of content!
  • Know how to fix all SEO issues
  • Know how to optimize a website’s structure
  • Find the right keywords and create perfect conten
  • Know what tools can help to monitor and improve
  • Know which are the important ranking factors
  • Know what are negative ranking factors
  • Use Webmaster Tools to set up country targeting
  • Know how to implement the canonical tag
  • Know how to implement A-Href lang for precice language and country targeting
  • Check and modifythe robots.txt file
  • Learn about the HTTP status code
  • Get insides about page speed
  • Find out if you have duplicate content and how to fix Panda Issues
  • Know which ist the best CMS
  • Know what plugins can help you speed up your process
  • Learn how to build healthy links
  • Learn how to identify harmful links
  • Learn to protect your website from Googlel penalties and Google updates
  • Learn how to recover from Google penalties and Google updates
  • Learn how to create a successful reconsideration request
  • Learn how to do SEO and Link Building
  • Get back customers and profit
  • Learn how to use Google’s disavow tool
  • Learn about the Google Disavow File
  • Learn how to use Excel for the Link Audit Process
  • Everything you need to know about Google Penguin and how to recover!
  • Learn what SSL is exactly
  • Learn why you should use HTTPS
  • Learn how to switch from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Know if you should switch to HTTPS with your existing website
  • Find out if your website has some mobile usability issues that need to be fixed
  • Learn how to fix your mobile usability issues

What is the target audience?

  • Everybody who wants to get the latest SEO Knowladge
  • Agencies that have to make decisions for their clients
  • Marketing experts that want to give best advice to their customers
  • Webmasters that need to know how to fix or implement SEO issues.
  • Everybody who lost traffic and sales after Google’s release of Penguin

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