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The Foundation – Dan Maxwel

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How To Start Profitable Companies From Scratch, Over and Over…
Using The Mindset Of Entrepreneurship
It’s All In Your Mind

This section is a game changer for your mind. The coup de grace. It’s broken down into four distinct phases with 33 mindsets in total.

Business: The 6 Mindsets For Strength & Power
Copywriting: The 5 Mindsets For Making Money In Flow
Personal: The 19 Mindsets For Personal High Achievement
Transformation: The 3 Mindsets For Restoring Your True Strength & Identity

How To Find & Select Profitable Ideas…
Even When You Have Nothing, Using Idea Extraction
Idea Extraction

If you’ve ever wanted to create a product, but you didn’t have any idea on what to build… idea extraction will change all of that.

Inside the Foundation, you’re not alone. You will follow a framework tested and used by over 400 entrepreneurs. You get to stand on the shoulders of 400 others before you.

You only get the stuff that works. Idea extraction is a focus on Find The Pain in people’s lives. Through that pain, we develop solutions and charge money for them.
Sketching The Solution In 7 Days Or Less…
So Your Customers Will Trust You… And Pay You Upfront
Simple & Effective Design

If you’re like me… you’ve probably stressed about building a product no one wants to purchase.

That’s why we build prototypes in less than a week to test an idea, before we spend months building it.

This is many of our members’ favorite phase. Under phase three, you’ll be trained by world renowned user interface designer Amir Khella, and successful Foundation student Carl Mattiola.

Amir helped to design the user interface for Google Docs and many other popular interfaces. Carl designed Between these two, you will become a UI pro. The simplest user interfaces rule the world.
How To Get Your Customers To Fund The Development
Of Your Software… Using Pre-Selling

If you want to build products that sell… this phase will show you the way. If you are nervous about how to ask for money or sell something, that’s ok.

We were too when we started out. It goes away with practice 🙂

Gone are the days of building a product nobody wants. We don’t do that ’round here.

If you are caught building the product before getting pre-sales, you will be kicked out of the Foundation.

We don’t allow self-sabotage here. If you’ve got an idea, it’s simple – don’t build it until someone has purchased it in advance. While pre-selling software is a relatively new concept, the concept of pre-selling itself is very old. And the world is catching on.
How To Have Your Software Built In 12 Weeks Or Less

If building software and hiring developers intimidates or scares you, phase five will calm that.

In the first Foundation, one successful member could barely use Facebook. By the end of the program he had created his first software product.

Yes! If you can use Facebook, you can build your own software product.

How do you build remarkable products customers love to buy? How do you beat out the competition?

By defining the pain better than your customer or competition can. Once you have defined the pain in clear detail, the solution almost presents itself.

Once you have extracted an idea, built the user interface, build the info-pack, and pre-sold your product.
How To Scale Your Business To 6 (Or Even 7) Figures

You can be as successful as you want to be in your business. You can make as much or as little as you like. If you want, you can blow it up like Troy Lavinia, or keep it smaller if you wish.

In this phase, you’ll launch your product, collect testimonials, and finally, begin scaling to the masses.

During this phase, I’ve asked my friend Nathan Latka to come teach scaling – he is the founder of

Nathan left college and then hired his college professor to come work for him (Nice dude!)

He’s proficient at scaling companies, raising money, and maximizing the lifetime value of a customer.

Now… we don’t believe in raising money to get started, but raising money after you’ve become profitable feels better. Nathan can educate you on this perspective.

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