The Insider’s Guide to Prospecting by Phone

The Insider’s Guide to Prospecting by Phone

Name Product: The Insider’s Guide to Prospecting by Phone

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A lot of the strategies we used to consider foolproof just aren’t performing anymore. Yesteryear’s top techniques become less effective every day – and one day very soon, they’re not going to work at all.

You’ve felt the frustration, the anger of getting the runaround from prospects who are scared to spend in a troubled economy – or maybe, as it turns out, who weren’t even qualified in the first place.

And, like many, you’ve wasted more time than you’d like to admit chasing after prospects who seem likely… but end up wasting your time and getting you nowhere. You’ve seen how technology’s advancing at an incredible rate. Now, email prospecting and even social media are becoming vital for you to connect with qualified prospects.

If you want to set more appointments and close more sales, the key is to get better at prospecting. To do that, you need to take advantage of all the new techniques and incorporate them into your strategies.

The Insider’s Guide to Prospecting by Phone by Wendy Weiss contains everything you need to achieve maximum prospecting results in  in a comprehensive, online program.


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