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The Miracle of Recorded Messages

The Miracle of Recorded Messages

So what exactly is a recorded message? It’s a message (recorded in your voice or someone else’s) that
automatically starts running when someone calls your special 1-800 number. Kind of like your answering

Here’s an example:

“Thank you for calling the ABC Accounting Message Line. Whether you are needing tax advice for setting up a new business, or just interested in learning how to avoid paying any more income tax than absolutely necessary, we have information that can literally save you thousands by sharing little known, legal accounting techniques that the IRS hopes you never read about.

To get a FREE copy of this report, please leave your name and address after the tone, and we’ll send it right out to you. Please speak slowly and spell any uncommon names so we get your mailing information properly. If you have an email address, we’d appreciate it if you’d leave it as well, so we can send you a special free gift via email. Please spell your email address so we get it correct. Thank you!”
It’s not tricky. It’s not mysterious. In fact, it’s just like recording your voice mail message for
your own personal phone. You know, “Push 1 to record your message, push 2 to listen to new
messages, push 3…” and so forth.

Not only is it easy, but a hotline like this often costs even less than you pay for your monthly phone bill.

Which brings up a good question…why not just use your regular office or home phone to field
these calls? I’ll tell you:

1. A 1-800 number is less threatening and free. Even if you use a local area code, statistics show people are still more likely to call a 1-800 number. I don’t why. I just know that’s what the tests confirm every time. And I’ve seen hundreds of them conducted.

2. You can be notified via phone, beeper or e-mail every time you have new messages.

3. You can view caller activity online and even see:
a. See how long callers listened to your message before hanging up (so you’ll know what section of your message might need tweaking),

b. What zip codes the majority of your calls are coming from (so you’ll know where your advertising is having the biggest impact),

c. Figure out which ads are prompting prospects to call you and which aren’t (so you can quit wasting money),
4. You can also have the contact info from your voice messages automatically downloaded into
your contact management system, and so much more!


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