The Paradigm Shift: Conquering Fear 2014 - Mia Saenz

The Paradigm Shift: Conquering Fear 2014 – Mia Saenz

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The Paradigm Shift: Conquering Fear videos(480×360) – Mia Saenz (19.mp4’s, 1.pdf, 1.html file set) 2014
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hosted by Mia Saenz and Adrian Boniardi

Welcome to “The Paradigm Shift: Conquering Fear!”
hosted by Mia Saenz and Adrian Boniardi

Working to transform fear is one of our areas of expertise.

In this summit we are sharing and shedding the light into what is the truth of Fearless Freedom and how to Love more and we share a power guided process to support your liberation from fear.

Uncertainty, lack of knowledge, supporting your conscious actions on inaccurate or incomplete information, individual changes, etc; can be all sources that can trigger Fear.

Their opposite, on the other hand; knowledge, wisdom, serenity are qualities that makes us feel confident about our own abilities to deal with the habitual challenges that Life puts on our way as a mean for continuous growth and development.

Today, we are living in a ‘reality’ that is changing before our very own eyes. We are learning that nothing is fixed, but actually a part of a grand ocean in motion that can trigger our most basic fears.

NOTHING is being sold on this summit. This program is being offered purely as a gift and you will be offered bonuses to support your journey with our compliments.

Join us as we examine new ways to deal with old fears that can stop us cold in our advancement toward a fulfilled life experience. We would love to have you join us.

Love and blessings,
Mia and Adrian

Meet our Summit Speakers:

Dr. Georgina Cannon
Past Lives and Fear
Mia Saenz interviews Dr. Georgina Cannon as we discuss “Past Lives and Fear”. I really enjoyed interviewing Georgina; she is brilliant and really loves her work. Listen in as we learn how remembering about our “Past Lives” can many times help us heal and understand the origin of our fears. Have you ever meet someone who just blew your mind, you were surprised you understood them and you felt like you had known them always. There is a reason and you will find out in this segment.

Laura Eisenhower
Fear and the Dark Night of the Soul
Mia Saenz interviews Laura Eisenhower on Conquering Fear, the Dark Night of the Soul, Liberation and so much more. Growing up in a Presidential family linage, this gave Laura a different look at life, family and the planet.
My whole life I have been watching others to understand and see where we fit in among each other. Looking at their integrity; for this is how I learned experimentally from others. I have never met anyone like Laura Eisenhower; she is the pure example of “Mother Earth” and all it bestows upon us.

Janet Pfeiffer
Conquering Fear One Step at a Time
This episode came to me totally by surprise. When I asked Janet to be a Guest Speaker on our summit I knew she was an Author, a speaker and a radio host. What I didn’t realize until we chatted is that she is one of the sweetest, most surprising people I have ever interviewed. And that is a great thing! I found Janet highly Spiritual, just her clean sense of purity with her heart. Janet is proof not only that Spirituality has no borders but also has no boundaries. Watch as she shares three defining moments where she reached out to God and she is answered directly.

Suzanna Axisa
Channel an Ascended Maser
Mia Saenz interviews Suzanna Axisa a channel for an Ascended Maser. Her journey is amazing and one can hardly believe that one minute you are a regular girl and then next you channel a Master. Watch as Suzanna share conquering her fear.
Have you ever met an Ascended Master before? Suzanna Axisa is a channel for an Ascended Master. Her work is fascinating, and it is something that was inherently meant for her. She began a program in China years back and instantly it was known that she was an amazing Channel for an Ascended Master.

Katie Hendricks
Face Your Fears to Conquer Them
Isn’t it interesting how many people are afraid to love and to be loved? Perhaps is because people have witnessed their parents and some of those relationships weren’t great… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone understood enough about the true purpose and meaning of them to view them as a gift to cherish?
Meet Katie Hendricks. She and her husband Gay have done this and now teach others. They have worked on their relationship as a living laboratory for more than 20 years. Katie has been married over 30 years and 20 of those were consciously loved and worked with tender loving attention.

Donna Corso
Fear of Death
What a delight to interview Donna Corso. We discussed death and the fear around it. She is a brilliant lady and in an amazing position to share her knowledge. Her book “When the Wind Chimes, Chime” is a beautiful journey of a young boy’s life and the ‘remembering’ of who he truly was, moments before his transition back into none-physical energy.
Come join me and Donna and be open to see if you are reminded of something you too, may have forgotten.

Christy Whitman
Manifesting Every Aspect of Your Life
How many people do you know who deliberately create their life? It’s a beautiful thing to meet people who know exactly what they want out of life and how to get it. Meet Christy Whitman, there was a point in her life when she realized things were not just going the way she would like them, so she did something about it!
Now she teaches others how to manifest their desired life through her ‘Quantum Success’ program. The wonderful thing about watching others do it first is that they know how to clearly share their success with others.

Kirk Nielsen
Harmonious Living and Fear
Have you ever met an author who has an auto written book? There are a few out there and it is a very cool process. Check out how this Expert/Speaker Kirk Nielsen went through the process, and out the other side to have a series of books auto written. You will never guess who he channeled as he wrote these books. Very exciting interview!
Kirk and I had more fun on this interview than I think is professionally allowed, with that in mind please enjoy this episode and share in our joy. The set became alive as we were talking and we were actually interrupted because of the discussion and fun.

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