The Radiant Body videos

The Radiant Body videos

• Enjoy this amazing all-star lineup of world class experts as they share their secrets to health, vitality
and high energy
• Discover how creating greater awareness helps you to create a more radiant body
• Be amazed at the rich nature by which each guest shares their unique wisdom
• Enjoy cameo appearances by thought leaders who have never been presented in our Hangout forum before
• Whether you are interested in structured water, energy healing or hormone balancing, we have it all,
we have you covered
• Create the life that you deserve modeled after the masters of radiant body living
• ALL of my interviews are always free as my gift to you
• Enjoy some of my favorite picks from past shows as The Radiant Body Free Gifts that you can read, listen to
and watch.
• Please join us, and be sure to watch or listen to each and every one of these presentations
• Share these recordings with your friends and family as we continue to build our world wide circle of like-minded
spirits in our Aware Community

The Radiant Body Interview Sessions

Anat Baniel – Vitality, Sensuality and Youthfulness
Anat Baniel is one of the world’s leading authorities in finding ways to access the brain to overcome pain and limitation, increase vitality and help all of us live better lives. It was through her success in working with children that she discovered the nine essentials the brain requires in order to transform pain and limitation into vitality, well-being and skill. She has been called a “miracle worker” for her ability to bring new life and vitality to literally thousands of people. Join us as Anat shares her basis for NeuroMovement by utilizing her scientifically and empirically based simple applications that virtually anyone can learn. A true Radiant Body exclusive!
It takes a long time for the human body to learn how to move. To learn how to move in a new way takes both practice and understanding. One of the challenges of being an adult is that we’ve already been successful. Moving in a new way doesn’t come naturally to us, which is why we have to practice new movements, like the NeuroMovement exercises shared here! “People tend to confuse repetition with information,” says Anat. “Repetition is not the same as opportunity for improvement. That’s why so many people never get past mediocre.”

Donna Eden – Shifting Deeply Embedded Patterns
Join us as Donna Eden, one of the world’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine reveals her latest works. Donna’s abilities as a healer are legendary, and she has taught some thirty thousand people world-wide, both laypeople and professionals, how to understand the body as an energy system. This interview will be filled with new information, invigorating and healing exercises and simple methods we all can use for overall health, vitality and a Radiant Body! Please tune in today for another Radiant Body exclusive interview with one of the world’s leading Energy Medicine healers, Donna Eden.
Everything is energy, our bodies, our minds and any problems we are experiencing, these are all energy. According to our guest for this show, the effervescent Donna Eden, “when we work with our energy using our body, we wake up our minds, and positively affect every area of our health.” “Everybody out there – we’re latticeworks of force fields”. For instance, breathing is a physical action, and an energetic action. “You cannot get cancer in a well oxygenated body,” Donna says.
Anytime you can make space in your body by stretching it, it opens the energy to flow, and allows your body to heal itself. This interview is filled with exercises, demonstrations, teachings, laughter and a product offering unlike any we have ever presented.


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