The Ten Most Powerful Option Trading Secrets


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Author: Bernie Schaeffer
Size: 434 MB

This DVD was developed by Traders’ Library and is packed with 90 minutes of Options Secrets. Bernie’s presentation includes detailed PowerPoint slides and in-depth explanations. You will increase your trading confidence with this DVD.

SAVE HUNDREDS – remember, each Traders’ Library Attendee had to pay a $500 premium to view the Seminar in Chicago. NOW you can view it on your own computer or on your DVD player from the comfort of your easy chair!

Learn the Benefits of Options Trading Face to Face with Bernie Schaeffer!
Options trading can be simple and very easy to execute
Options are cheap
Options provide flexibility
Options offer leverage (up to 20 times the returns of the stock alone)
Options offer limited dollar risk
Options trade on exchanges that offer the same capabilities as stock exchanges

Dispel the rumors that “options are too risky.” Let Bernie Schaeffer explain which options to trade and which options to avoid. With Bernie’s help you will be able to read the market, discover the benefits of options trading and find out what the market is REALLY telling you!



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