The Wisdom Show Fall 2013 with Jean Swann

The Wisdom Show Fall 2013 with Jean Swann

Welcome to The Wisdom Show, an internet-based, live call-in talk show designed to empower personal evolution. Host Jean Swann interviews 29 of the world’s leading experts in the fields of Human Potential, Spirituality, Personal Development, Health, Relationships, and many other topics that inspire positive transformation.

Join us as we learn from some of the World’s Greatest Masters
who share techniques that will help us…
• Discover the true purpose for our lives
• Reach our highest potential
• Learn to shift our consciousness and improve all areas of our lives
• Experience transformation and inner peace
• Gain cutting-edge knowledge to strengthen our health of mind, body and spirit
• Discover how we can tap into more of the power or our mind
• Learn to have the most fulfilling relationships possible
• Experience breakthroughs to reclaim our power
• Release negative beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors
• Learn to experience more joy in this human experience!

Are you tired of all of the negativity the world thrives on?

Do you know at your soul level that there has to be

a better way?

Are you interested in a more conscious connection to

the spiritual essence that is the real you?

Join us, and together, we’ll evolve to our highest potential!

All of the Visionaries in this event have been specifically

chosen to share their unique messages to guide us in

Conscious Evolution, both individually and collectively.

Together, let’s become the change we are seeking

in the world!

Here’s a list of the speakers and their topics:

The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth – Bruce Lipton
How can we individually contribute to the advancement of human evolution? How can we live in a state of bliss and passion so that we can’t wait to start a new day and thank the Universe that we are alive? Bruce Lipton will share the formula outlined in his new book, The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth…

Reveal Your Soul Secrets and Live Brilliantly! – Danielle MacKinnon
Discover the Hidden Contracts Holding You Back and Release Those No Longer Serving You…
• Ever feel like something’s blocking you from finding love, making money or having lasting relationships?
• Ever wonder why certain people are in your life?
• Ever consider that decisions you made in a past life may be challenging you today?

“Deep Truth” for Conscious Evolution – Gregg Braden
New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden has been studying ancient texts in cultures around the world for 27 years, culminating in teachings about what we can learn from their wisdom to solve our world crises today. His new discoveries are now shared in 33 countries and 38 languages in such paradigm-inspiring books as The God Code, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time, and his newest, Deep Truth.

Heart Intelligence for Changing Our World – Howard Martin
Global Coherence Initiative Spokesman and HeartMath Co-Founder Howard Martin has spent the last two decades working on science-based projects to help facilitate our global shift. With an understanding of the heart’s role in accessing a new intelligence, Howard will reveal breakthrough research on coherence, energetic intention, and techniques to improve your well-being and increase your ability to affect global change.

The 3 Keys to Evolving Beyond Ego – Craig Hamilton
The work of Evolutionary Pioneer and Intregral Enlightenment Founder Craig Hamilton is designed to revitalize and update the spiritual path to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity in the 21st century. Craig’s work was born out of the recognition that although there is much Truth that is timeless, the world, and human beings, have changed in the millenia since the birth of the great religions.

The Energy Codes: Mastering Your Energy Flow Mastering Your Life – Sue Morter
Are you interested in learning a few simple techniques that can make a profound shift in what you are creating every day? Find out why we repeat patterns that don’t serve us, and how to change them. Dr. Sue Morter shares powerful, quick, practical tools to access your inner wisdom!

Holographic Transformation: Reprogram Your Matrix for Abundance and Relationships –
Mashhur Anam
Did you know that this universe is holographic in nature and actually responds to your vibration? Everything you experience in this life shows up because of your vibrational match. When you resonate with disharmony that you experience in your environment, you create a reflection of that in your reality.

Water Is Consciousness – Patrick Durkin
What is Structured Water and how can it improve your health and vitality? With approximately 70% of the human body made of water, there is nothing more critical to life. Structured Water is water in nature; it is free of memory and has a balanced pH. The main element in Structured Water is life force energy in each molecule.

Be A Catalyst for Personal and Global Change – Cari Murphy
Looking for simple tools to accelerate your Conscious Evolution? Cari Murphy shares a myriad of ideas, tools and techniques to incorporate into your daily life to achieve MAJOR shifts. And, with consistency, it will all be easier than you think! Find out what thousands of people have discovered about working with Cari Murphy. Easy steps to your transformation are waiting for you in this replay!

The “I AM” Effect – Harrison Klein
This may be the most important concept and tool you will ever learn about Conscious Evolution. How do we unplug from the Collective Consciousness that takes over us if we don’t take ownership of our thoughts? How do we step out of the “Mass Hypnosis” the majority of us have been living under, and begin to intend and realize greatness, abundance, joy, wealth, and everything we can imagine? Find out in this riveting interview with the “I Am” Master, Harrison Klein.

Joyous Love Evolution – Dee Wallace
Back by popular request, the joyous Dee Wallace returns to The Wisdom Show today! Come and experience an empowering journey to understand how to start loving yourself, the first basic principle for all manifestation.Learn to free yourself from habitual patterning that holds you back from effortless creation. Learn how powerful you really are. What are the keys to living in freedom and joy? Join us as Dee shares the powerful principles and techniques that have help thousands to break free, love and consciously create.

What Drains Your Vibe? ReHARMONIZE your Life and Environment – Kaitlyn Keyt
If you want to really understand how energy works, why you feel drained in certain environments and situations, and how you can rejuvenate your energy, this is the replay to listen to! Kaitlyn Keyt gave the most thorough explanation of what drains our energy field, and what can recharge it, that I have ever heard. Finally, a clear explanation of how energy works!

Awaken Infinite You! Your Cosmic “Easy Button” – Hope Fitzgerald
Incredible! You must experience the simplicity and power of The Infinity Wave in this replay, as Hope Fitzgerald guides us through a beautiful crystal bowl meditation. This may be the easiest, most effective tool you will ever find for your evolutionary acceleration.There is a reason it is being hailed as the most powerful tool since Ho’oponopono and The Emotional Freedom Technique. Discover the evolutionary power of The Infinity Wave, an energetic, easy technique channeled through Hope Fitzgerald.

Wisdom’s Path To Happiness Within – Guy Finley
Have you wondered why happiness can seem so elusive? Do you know there is a way to find it, but you don’t know how? Do you realize that happiness is internal, but you don’t know how to tap into it? Learn how in this warm and engaging hour with Guy Finley. Interweaved in his trademark story telling, Guy reveals that happiness is always with us, when we shift our consciousness and change the way we view our lives.

Illuminating the State of Grace: The Miracle and Magic of Love – Kenji Kumara
Are you eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of Eternal Peace in every quantum moment, cell and particle of Your Being and move into conscious union with your Source and your service to Humanity?

Reconnective Healing: Your Body Is More Powerful Than You Know – Eric Pearl
Suspend everything you believe about healing as you listen to the pioneer who has brought the highest spectrum of healing ever known to the planet! Dr. Eric Pearl’s Reconnective Healing modality, and its instantaneous, life-long results have been validated by scientists at Harvard, Yale and Stanford, and in a recent demonstration on The Dr. Oz Show. In this fascinating replay, learn why Reconnective Healing, available to us all, transcends energy healing as we know it. Discover why light and information have the power to heal more quickly and more simply than we ever imagined!

Custom Design Your Own Reality – Bruce Goldberg
Accessing parallel universes? Choosing your perfect future from among possiblities that already exist? Understand how all of this is possible in this evolutionary replay featuring Dr. Bruce Goldberg, the leading authority on progression hypnotherapy (taking patients into their future lives).As Quantum Physics has revealed, infinite possibilities already exist. In this mind expanding replay, learn how you can identify and create your ideal future by tuning in to your higher self!

Pathway to Paradise: Three Steps for a Graceful Transformation – Suzanna Kennedy
As our Keynote Speaker Bruce Lipton emphasized at the beginning of this series, removing destructive subconscious programming is imperative for our conscious evolution. How do we achieve that critical step? How can we do it with ease and grace, for a smooth tranformation? In this powerful and practical Replay,learn how to take this important revolutionary step with Suzanna Kennedy, The Graceful Transformation Expert!

The Ancient Secret of The Medicine Wheel – Chief Robert and Terri Talltree
Discover the simplicity, beauty and elegance of Native American Wisdom in this enlightening Replay with Chief Robert and Terri TallTree. Let the truth of this wisdom resonate throughout your being. Learn to maintain inner peace and joy in each moment.Sit back, relax and expand your spiritual intelligence as you learn to connect with your gift and stand in your power!

Activating Your Destiny: The Power Behind Everything – Robert Pease
What do your numbers reveal about you? How can numerology uncover your purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, and your understanding of your life? Find out in this fascinating replay with ” The Numbers Doctor”, Intuitive Numerologist Dr. Robert Pease. Experience Dr. Robert’s laser sharp insight in just minutes with live callers. Learn about Vibrational Numerology, and how you can unlock the magic of your personal numbers!

Accelerate Your Conscious Awakening by Discovering Your Life’s Purpose – Nadia Tumas
How can you quickly find your life purpose? How can you gain awareness about the blind spots that may be blocking you? Listen as Nadia Tumas shares her razor sharp insight with live callers. In this fascinating replay, Nadia reveals how your life purpose was imprinted on your fingertips five months before you were born! Nadia guides us to find out why we are here, and then OWN it and live the abundant lives we are meant to live!

Access, Awaken, and Activate Your Inner Guide Through Dreams –
Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos
Have you wondered what messages your dreams have for you? Have you tried to interpret their hidden meanings? Learn how you can begin to remember and understand your dreams and follow the inner guidance available to us all. Dream expert Kathleen OKeefe-Kanovas shares several dramatic stories, including one about her own prophetic dreams which saved her life!

Hardship as a Portal to Conscious Evolution – Joan Borysenko
There is an abundance of profound wisdom in this Replay with Joan Borysenko. How can all of the struggles of our individual and collective experience be used as a gateway to Conscious Evolution? Joan gives us practical steps and guidance that can help us transcend our trauma and hardship. How can what appears to be the most tragic of experiences open the portal to our transformation? Find out in this rare interview with one of the most prominent leaders of our time.

Quantum Spirituality: The Marriage of Ancient Spiritual Wisdom and Modern Science –
Peter Canova
International Visionary Peter Canova has conducted 35 years of research into ancient spiritual texts, quantum physics and psychology. What he discovered and shares with audiences around the world is that modern science is only rediscovering the astonishing teachings of ancient spiritual traditions concerning the true nature of physical reality.

Guidance on Demand: Where Spirituality and Practicality Merge – Eva Gregory
Want some practical advice for tapping into your divine guidance? Would you like to learn simple, practical tools to transform your life and your business? Divine Guidance Coach Eva Gregory will share how easy it is to incorporate small, consistent steps to create major changes.

Create an Amazing Life: Powered by Your Soul’s Pure Truth – Bill Bauman
Modern Mystic Bill Bauman believes we are entering an age in which we can create an entirely new human experience, and each become an ultimate human. They are people who dare to live beyond historical definitions of what being human means.They embrace every aspect of their human experience including life’s mystical nature, their own psychological wonder, their energetic aliveness and life’s primal mysteries. They face everything that comes to them to embrace, learn, master and ultimately unite with it.

Living in a Way that Enhances the Conscious Evolution of the Planet – Gabriel Cousens
Dr. Gabriel Cousens is a legend in the Holistic Health Field, and considered one of the world’s Leading Spiritual Nutrition experts. Join us as Dr. Cousens guides us through a way of living to enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual health, which in turn, can assist in the evolution of the planet. Dr. Cousens will share highlights from his more than 40 years of research and clinical experience in advocating a holistic vegan lifestyle. He will explore the health, environmental, social and spiritual aspects of this hot button topic.

The Shift: Ignition of the Personal and Global Heart – Anodea Judith
Calling all conscious change agents who are building a new paradigm for our world: the next evolution has begun! And this evolution is being fueled by the power of love. Anodea Judith has just the map for us to navigate our times and to lead the way forward. After decades of being the world’s leading teacher on the chakras, Anodea is illuminating the journey of how our world shifts its operating system from the love of power to the power of love.

What is Structured Water and how can it improve your health and vitality? – Clayton Nolte
The Inventor of Water Structure Technologies Answers Your Questions Live! with Clayton Nolte and Patrick Durkin. What is Structured Water and how can it improve your health and vitality? In this must-listen replay, Clayton shares the myriad ways Structured Water can heal physically, mentally and spiritually. He eloquently reveals why structued water changes our DNA and has a powerful effect on in all aspects of life. And don’t miss Patrick’s personal story of why he wants to help hydrate humanity

About Your Host Jean Swann
Jean Swann is a Leader in the Holistic Health Field, with a background in Print and Broadcast Journalism. Inspired to share new paradigms with a worldwide audience, Jean combined her greatest passions into creation of The Wisdom Show. This rare combination of talents allows Jean to offer a unique perspective for listeners.

Health Practitioner: In her private health practice, Jean helps clients identify and heal core underlying physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Jean serves as a passionate catalyst for the breakthroughs and “aha” moments that change lives. She incorporates many holistic modalities, including homeopathy, quantum biofeedback, aromatherapy, Reiki, ThetaHealing and nutritional counseling .

Health Show Co-Host: Jean’s fascination with holistic health began when she was healed of a debilitating illness with the help of an alternative practitioner. Her desire to learn more was sparked while she was co-hosting health shows on a radio station she owned with her husband in the New York City metropolitan area.

Natural Healing: Jean embarked on a journey that involved many years of study in various natural healing modalities. She became a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Jean studied every major dietary theory at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan. Jean went on to become a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner, a Certified Reiki Master and a Certified ThetaHealing Basic DNA Practitioner. She also studied Naturopathy at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine.

Print and Broadcast Journalism: Prior to immersing herself in the Holistic Health Field, Jean began her life’s work at the age of 21, when she was hired as a Journalist for two daily newspapers. A year later, she transitioned into radio, becoming an award-winning News Anchor at top-rated New York City syndicated radio networks and radio stations, including CNBC, The ABC/BusinessWeek Radio Network, Financial News Network, the number one all-news station in the world, 1010 WINS Radio and Bloomberg Radio. Jean also served as a Talk Show Host and Entertainment Editor at other New York area radio stations, and has covered everything from politics to breaking news. Jean is delighted to bring her passion for holistic health, spiritual truths and communication to a global audience through The Wisdom Show.

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