The X-Mind Meditation Series

The X-Mind Meditation Series

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Author: Dane Spotts
Size: 331 MB

Dane Spotts – The X-Mind Meditation Series

The first release of X-Mind Series programs consists of three soundtracks. Each one is approximately 30 minutes long and is designed for a specific mind tripping purpose.

We called them X-Mind programs because their technology settings were specified in the extreme range.

X1 – Neuroin: “The Ultimate Mind Trip”

This program starts with a soothing sensation created by light aural textures as your mind is being prepared for an incredible experience. Just like the trip Jodie Foster took in the movie “Contact,” your ship takes off. You begin feeling universal forces permeate your very existence; shooting you through galactic worm holes, bouncing around fantastic nebulas, and even the nothingness of black holes. And then, ultimate peace and serenity as you complete your journey. You are refreshed and renewed.

X2 – Quantanium: “Cosmic Energy Tap”

Wow! Imagine a lightening bolt shooting straight down your spine – then shooting right back up again. Then doing it again… and again… and again! This program is like a rocket powered rollercoaster that shoots you from one galaxy to the next. When it’s over, you¹ll be infused with an incredible energy boost that will last for hours.

X3 – Infineon: “Suspended Animation”

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to slow time down to a crawl? So that a second lasted a day; a minute lasted a month; and an hour lasted a year? In the future, technology will be able to slow a person’s life rate down enough so that space travel to distant galaxies can be accomplished. Today, this X program creates the illusion of slowing time to a standstill. Using advanced audio-based settings, you will feel as if you were suspended in time; traveling to galaxies light years from Earth.

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