The Yad Show – Advanced Series

The Yad Show – Advanced Series

The Yad Show – Advanced Series is a selection of live infield videos of Yad approaching, attracting and going on dates with women during the daytime. The advanced series is an exclusive upgrade for paying customers to the premium videos on the Yad Show. Throughout the video Yad explains with an added commentary what he is doing as you watch it and how it works.

The Yad Show – Advanced Series Table of Contents:

00:51:21 1. Latvian Distraction (With The Commentary)
00:12:50 1. Latvian Distraction (Without Commentary)

Yad demonstrates how to smoothly move the conversation forward after making an incorrect assumption about this gorgeous blonde …

01:03:41 2. Rapid Russian Date (With The Commentary)
00:34:18 2. Rapid Russian Date (Without Commentary)

An instant date with a perfect 10 Russian girl. It includes use of “Callback Humor”,overcoming approach anxiety, building rapport and shifting to the instant date

00:56:04 3. Seduce A Swede (With The Commentary)
00:10:48 3. Seduce A Swede (Without Commentary)

Everyone fantasises about being able to say they successfully got a stunning swedish girl’s number, and in this video Yad demonstrates just how straightforward it can be …

00:20:21 4. Care For An Aupair (With The Commentary)
00:06:40 4. Care For An Aupair (Without Commentary)

Had is on form as he seduces this beautiful french aupair who we all wish we had taking care of us when we were a teenager …

00:35:20 5. Bubble Tea Date (With The Commentary)
00:15:36 5. Bubble Tea Date (Without Commentary)

A great example of how simple it can be asking a girl for a date there and then on the streets, and if coffee’s too boring, there’s always bubble tea! …

00:38:59 6. Attract An Actress (With The Commentary)
00:07:40 6. Attract An Actress (Without Commentary)

In this perfect example of a great daygame approach Yad proves that even classy English actors can’t resist Yad’s North London charm …

00:17:10 7. Norwegian Quickie (With The Commentary)
00:04:57 7. Norwegian Quickie (Without Commentary)

Sometimes you don’t have much time to get a girl’s number, but that doesn’t stop Yad grabbing the digits off this Norwegian beauty …

00:42:11 8. Shopping For Blondes (With The Commentary)
00:15:55 8. Shopping For Blondes (Without Commentary)

Yad shows you that approaching in a shop is no different than the street, so when a girl you like disappears into a shop, don’t just give up! …

00:26:02 9. A Date With Miss Dracula (With The Commentary)
00:08:03 9. A Date With Miss Dracula (Without Commentary)

Not only does Yad show you how to calmly persist through objections and get a girl to put down the phone, he also gets her to come with him on an instant date.

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