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Tim Gorman – Article Marketing Answers March Edition

Tim Gorman – Article Marketing Answers March Edition

Article Marketing Answers
Rather then try and sell you on the value of this product with an ultra long salesletter I’ll just get straight to the point…

If you have article marketing questions then I have your article marketing answers, Introducing “Article Marketing Answers”. This product is a 12 month long product that features the answers to your most pressing article marketing questions in a video format utilizing Powerpoint slides and Camtasia video.


Your article marketing efforts must continue to adapt to changes with the search engines, web surfers and most importantly, the article marketing directories. Failure to adapt will almost certainly lead to a decrease in your article marketing ROI and loss of profits or potential article marketing income. This product will prevent your article marketing campaigns from becoming stale, outdated and unprofitable!!

Here Is What This Amazing Article Marketing Package Contains!!!
* Main Product – Each month for the next 12 months you will receive a Powerpoint slideshow in a video format narrated with answers to a series of questions related to article marketing. Each month this series of article marketing questions and answers will cover 15 or more of the most popular article marketing questions in the form of over 1 hour of video and in many cases close to 2 hours of video. All types of article marketing questions from the basics to advanced concepts will be answered. One word of caution here, ignore this information at the peril of your article marketing efforts.

* Additional Product 1 – You will receive my Article Marketing Answers PDF used to answer the current month’s article marketing questions.

* Additional Product 2 – You will receive my Article Marketing Answers Powerpoint slides used in the video.

* Additional Product 3 – For those of you that like to listen while you travel I have also included the MP3 version each month.
But wait, there’s more…….

* Bonus Number 1 – Each month I will include an additional product that I have previously purchased for my own online business and have the rights to pass on to others in the form of a bonus. In many cases this bonus alone will be worth the price for the entire adaptive article marketing package!!

* Bonus Number 2 – Understanding that you might have some additional article marketing questions even after watching these informative videos I have included my email address during each month’s question and answers video session so that you can email me your own particular article marketing questions which will then be answered and included in a future month’s article marketing answers video.

So, What’s the price for this insane article marketing deal? – How about a one time payment of only $27.00


Hold on a second, Why stop now…….
* One Final Bonus – It’s fair to say that as an avid article marketer I have developed close relationships with some of the Internet’s top article marketers. As one final bonus for this product I will on occasion reach out to them and request their own input and answers to some of the more challenging article marketing questions.

Imagine being able to tap into the minds of some of the top article marketers for one obscenely low price!!!

DISCLIAMER – I plan to only sell 200 copies (less then 6 left at this price)of this product at this low price of $27 before a full widescale launch for a price point of around $67 to $97 depending on how I package it. Along with my posting here in the Warrior Forum I will be emailing all previous buyers of my products and my small (but growing) list offering this same deal. This equates to several thousand people that are hungry for article marketing products so I expect the remaining 6 copies at this price to sell out extremely fast.


Money Back Guarantee
Listen, I want you to be as satisfied as humanly possible with this product which is why I am offering this guarantee. At the end of the 12 months, if this product hasn’t lived up to your expectations simply drop me an email asking for a refund and I will send you back your $27 with no questions asked.

Personal Rights Only – This information is for you to use and profit from, not the rest of the Internet Marketing world.

Please feel free to post any questions, comments or concerns in regards to this product in this thread.

Tim Gorman

March Edition
1 – The Article Marketing Answers March Edition Video (1 hour long)
2 – The Article Marketing Answers March Edition MP3
3 – The Article Marketing Answers March Edition PDF
4 – The Article Marketing Answers March Edition Powerpoint Slides
5 – The March Special Bonus Items

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