Todd Myers - The Business Plan Template

Todd Myers – The Business Plan Template

With previous experience working at Google, in strategy consulting, as the Founder/CEO of a startup, working at several early and mid-stage startups, and attending one of the world’s top MBA programs – I’ve written, studied, and analyzed dozens of business plans. This course shares with you everything I’ve learned about business plans over the years.

** This course is everything you need to turn your idea into a powerful business plan, and launch your dream today. **

There are 10 important sections you must cover in any good business plan, and there’s a simple SECRET to getting each one right. I share them all in this course.

Plus I provide detailed examples and two step-by-step TEMPLATES in both Word and PowerPoint to easily create your own business plan.

I will teach you how to write a powerful business plan to impresses investors, potential customers, employees, partners, advisors, and anyone else you’re pitching on your business venture.

I will walk you through the 10 important sections of any successful business plan and:

Explain the purpose of each section
Describe exactly what you should include in each section
Share the secrets of how to tackle each section
Give a detailed example of how to write each section by showing you an imaginary company called “Smart Watch Inc.”
Show you not just how to create a compelling business plan, but how to think critically about building a great business

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