Tom Vizzini - Interview Magic, Anchoring Your Boss

Tom Vizzini – Interview Magic, Anchoring Your Boss

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Interview Magic will change the way you look at the world of employment
* Choosing who YOU want to work for instead of waiting to be selected
* Getting to the decision maker instead of the resume blocker
* Making them beg you to interview
* Get them to DESIRE you as an asset
* Leave your competition in the dust
* Get the MOST money you can get instead of what they are willing to give
* They will want you so much they follow you to your car

A Brief History

Just a few years ago our friend Paul was in a high stress job working 12 hours a day. He was a bit stuck. If the company did well he would be very well off. If not he would have a ton of stock that would make great wallpaper or toilet tissue.

After 2 years of 12 hour days they decided to lay him off because the company was not doing well. 2 years of hard work vaporized . . . and he had a lot of wallpaper and toilet tissue.

Paul had been to our seminars and decided to go on job interviews for fun while he decided on his next career move. So he took what we were teaching and decided to see how much he could get away with.

What SHOCKED him was how much he could get away with. Within 2 weeks he had job offers that gave him MORE MONEY and MORE FREE TIME than he ever had before.

So after a few months Paul quit his job. He took a few months off before he decided to get another one. In 2 weeks he was employed again for even more money. So after 6 months he got bored and quit again and took 8 months off. Again he found another job in less than 2 weeks from the date he decided to work.

This time he even made more money, and in a job for which he had no training in at all. Vice president of marketing was his new job. He also was able to dress in shorts and drink beer at his desk if he wanted to.

Because this stuff is so powerful, Paul will not let us reveal what kind of job he has now or what part of the country he is currently in. He prefers that his current employer not discover how Paul used these skills to take advantage of the opportunity that was presented.

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